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Toasting flutes & Serving sets

Should I be buying these myself, or registering for them?

Re: Toasting flutes & Serving sets

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    It is perfectly fine to register for them, but you risk someone buying them and not giving them to you in advance of the wedding. If you do register for them, I would remove them after the shower if you don't get them and no one has purchased them according to the registry and but them yourself.

    I think the cake serving items are obvious you need them before the wedding, but the toasting flutes someone might assume you just want a nice pair. Also be careful getting expensive ones - I have seen them chipped, broken or lost at weddings. If you are getting the $200 Waterford ones have a plan in place for getting them safely in the box and put away after the toasts.

    Another option is not to register but, mention you really want them to your mom and/or mother in law and hope one of them buys them for your shower present - assuming someone throws you a shower. 

    Technically you aren't supposed to drink to yourself, so not sure why we buy fancy toasting glasses we shouldn't use  - but most folks drink to themselves anyway ;-p
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    I registered for them, but I already knew my mom and grandma wanted to buy them for me for the shower. This way they can see which ones I want. If I didn't get them at the shower I would just go buy them myself after it so that I would have them.
  • thank you, both!   I wasn't really sure what the norm is with them. 

  •  We bought our serving sets & toasting flutes ourselves. Serving sets are fairly inexpensive, unless you want something overly fancy. The flutes can be $$ depending on what you want. We got regular glass flutes, but had our names engraved into them. You can find some nice wedding accessory things at . We purchased a few things through them, & had no problems whatsoever. 

     Good luck!

  • We got very nice sets of both - I really wanted the waterforrd Lismore set for the toasting flutes, and I wanted a cake/knife set that matched the rest of our formal flatware so we would actually use that again... I ordered the waterford set on ebay new in the box for $100 (retails for $200), and I went to and ordered a cake knife set that matched our sterling.

    My mom was worried about it, but I had a very very short list of things to make sure were packed before we left the reception.  I didn't have the toasting flutes at the reception - I saved them for the hotel for H and I to have a private toast after the wedding was over - but I did use the cake knife set during the reception.  We got everything back safely.

    Also - the waterford toasting flutes are very very thick.  If you don't abuse them, they should last you for the rest of your life.  H and I have used them a couple times since our wedding in April - he got a job offer in September, and I got a great job offer at a new law firm a few weeks ago.  We used them again to toast ourselves in celebration of those occasions, and I know we will use them on every anniversary because they really are beautiful.  I'm really glad we got them. 
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  • we got our toasting glasses as a engagement gift. I was randomly shopping with my SIL (to be at the time) and saw glasses that I just mentioned were cute..she ended up buying them for me.  If not, I would have registered for them and if not bought for the shower I would have bought for ourselves.  I put our cake knife set on the registry because I knew my mom wanted to buy it.  Got it at the shower.

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