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Did you buy your photo dream dress?


Re: Did you buy your photo dream dress?

  • @debmon - I love your dress! So pretty and I am digging the illusion neckline!
    thanks! @Maggie0829

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  • @niccirf you got a gorgeous dress & i love your story. Sometimes things are meant to be!


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    Thanks, @sarahsmiles326! FI & I often use the word "kismet" to describe our relationship so it felt right that the dress followed suit.
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  • @Niccirf that dress is so unique and gorgeous! You will have to come back after your wedding and post your pics in it!

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  • No.  I collected every bridal magazines I could find for two years.  They are started looking alike to me.  When we went dress shopping, it was just a sea of white.  The place was going out of business, 50% off.  We told them my size & they picked out three gowns.  I tried them on & liked the first one best.  That was it.

    Later, my mom saw that my dress was in one of the magazines, and we didn't know it.  That magazines picture is now in my wedding scrapbook!

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    I don't exactly have a "dream" dress, but the dress that I currently have my eye on is a bit different than I was expecting (it has a bit of beading and ruffles, not something that I was expecting to love):


    Still shopping though, but right now I think that's the winner.
  • I did. Stella York 5757. It has more flare in it and is heavier than I thought it would be. Still, I cannot wait for him to see me in it!
    Me too! I flipped through so many bridal mags and just didn't get excited about any dresses until I saw the Stella 5757. Tried on some other Stella York dresses but just had to have the 5757. Cant wait to pick it up in 4 weeks!
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    I picked out 2 that I liked on and I showed the photos I had saved on my tablet to the shop we went to Posh Prom & Formal Wear.  The lady picked out a dress that was a little of both and it was perfect!  I loved it!!  We got it last Wednesday <3 after I tried it on!  It's a formal dress but it definitely looks like a wedding dress.  Funny thing is we took my measurements at home and thought I would need a 10 or 12, but the size 6 was perfect!  It was one of the only 2 they had that they just got in, it's a brand new Spring 2014 Alyce Paris dress (Strapless, sweetheart. Silky chiffon with beaded waist and a pleated bodice).  It was right on the money with the budget we had!  This is the only dress I have tried on and the first shop we went to..perfect!!  I'm 5' tall and their dresses are mostly for 6' tall girls, so I need to get heels and get it hemmed up so it fits me in length lol


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  • Yes and no. Almost exact same style but different designer from a previous year. I was obsessed with Maggie and her lace pieces. I ended up buying a Romona lace dress instead from a year prior at a consignment sale.
  • I did!!

    I found this ( picture on Pinterest about a year ago and fell in love with it. It's a Claire Pettibone "Kristine" dress. 

    I knew it was WAY more than I ever wanted to spend on a dress, but I felt like I had to have it! I told myself if I lost ten pounds, I would allow myself to go try it on. It just so happened that the weekend my mom was visiting, there was a trunk show, so we went and it was the FIRST dress I tried on and I fell in love. I never like the way I look in dresses, but this dress was so flattering and so perfect that I bought it on the spot. 

    Like a PP said, budget has been adjusted accordingly, but we're making it work! I cannot WAIT to wear this gorgeous dress!
  • Yes, essentially. I had a few online that were really close to what I wanted. I went to a few shops, found a couple that were ok, but not as close as what I'd found online. Then I walked into a thrift store and found one of my online favorites, in my size, and got it for $37 (I'm really excited about that price!). I'm changing the neckline and a couple small additions like changing the color of the corset back ribbon and panel, but I would've had to make some changes to any dress to get it from "close" to "perfect", and I did end up buying one of the top picks from my pictures
  • I did!!  I brought a handful of dresses to my first bridal appointment and they only had 3 of the dresses I wanted.  The first dress I tried on I fell in LOVE with but I didn't wanna jump the gun.  After trying it on again at the end of the appointment I knew it was the one.  I just ordered it this Thursday!

    Sorry I don't know how to make them small!
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    BTW It's the Adalee dress by Maggie Sottero
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  • I was sure I'd buy a trumpet or fit and flare with tons of lace and sparkles.

    My dress is A line with not a speck of lace or sparkle and I feel like the prettiest, softest, most romantic thing ever when I'm wearing it
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