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Is a DJ necessary?


My fiance and I were thinking of skipping the DJ at our wedding and just making a pre-made playlist for all of the necessary music and having one of our family members or friends do the announcing/MC-ing throughout the night.  Our venue has a sound system, so that is taken care of.  Has anyone done this before?  How has it turned out?  Any tips?  Or does anyone know of a SUPER affordable DJ??  I cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars for someone to play music for a few hours...

Re: Is a DJ necessary?

  • @lemonade323

    Where are you getting married? I can't possibly begin to (maybe) recommend a DJ unless I know where you're getting married.

    As for a DJ being necessary.... no, they're not. There's no problem having your own play list and having someone MC. I would make sure that the person doing it is 110% ok with it though and that they're good at it.
  • I'm getting married in Metro Detroit, MI.  What makes someone a good MC?
  • It's totally doable. We made a few playlists with Spotify (one for the cocktail hour and dinner, one for dancing). You have to put some thought into the dancing music so it includes a good mix of popular hits from several decades, and some slow songs among the faster ones. The website A Practical Wedding has some more advice, as does Offbeat Bride. We skipped announcements so we didn't need an MC.
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