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Cake slice sizes? Are you SERIOUS?!


Re: Cake slice sizes? Are you SERIOUS?!

  • Those dimensions sound very standard, I think you'll have more than enough considering the amount of guests you're having.  I'm such a foodie- may I ask what kind of cake, filling and icing you're having?  (So I can envision eating a slice myself...)

    In addition to a wedding cake, hubby and I had an ice cream sundae bar, chocolate fountain, fruit table, and cannoli and zeppoles on the individual tables, just to make sure there was enough dessert.  (Yes I'm a big pig this was what concerned me lol.)  If you were ever worried that there won't be enough cake you could add other types of desserts.

  • Hi girls...I am having about 30 guests, our wedding...and we originally ordered a two tier, square cake...8' and 6'....but after thinking about it, my fiance was worried we wouldn't have enough. His point--"I don't want to serve someone a sliver of cake"......So, HE wanted me to call the baker back and order an additional I did  :-)
    Definitely going to serve a large slice....then slice up the rest and send it home as an additional favor for our guests.....after all, THIS was the ONE request HE made...I am glad he got involved...
    Sooooo looking forward to the day!!  :-)
  • 250 servings.  14 guests.

    We wanted it to be over the top and gorgeous.  I can't wait to see it! 
    That has to be one of the craziest, most wasteful things I've ever heard on TK.

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  • Oh boo hoo, someone's wasting cake.   Quick, call the internet!   Seriously, who cares if I waste some cake on my wedding day?  I paid for it, I can do anything I want with it.   

    I don't care if you take your cake and chuck it across the room.  Or stick a piece of dynamite in it and blow it the hell up.  I just think that people are just a bit boggled as to the amount of cake you are having for such a small wedding.  It is just strange.  But I guess in this case you can have your cake and eat it too!
    QFT lol

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  • maryemoomaryemoo Fort Wayne, Indiana member
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    Going back to the original people set the recommended serving slice so small because the cake itself is tall? Every wedding cake I've ever seen (especially tiered ones) has been much taller than a normal cake and smaller around.
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    guest list is around 200, no desire to spend a lot on the cake, so we took our friend's offer of having a few family friends / kids make our cupcakes ~ a couple hundred of them! all will be mismatched and taste awesome! our small bridal cake will be made by my future MIL, decorated with real flowers. we'll also have cookies, pie and fruit as dessert options.

  • Thats a TON of cake. 

    With a cake that big, i dont think you need to worry about the serving size. Give everyone a tier and youll be fine.... (im joking btw)

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  • You are awesome JaneAustensGhost.
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    Most cakes are 4" tall per tier so the slices are 1 inch in width. 2inches in depth and 4 inches in height. Not small
    For a person who loves them some cake, that is too small.  I would want at least double that if not more.  I like a nice wedge of cake, not a thin slice.
  • @JaneAustensGhost If I told my fIance your cake plans, he would be begging me to do the same thing!! Cake fiends rejoice, there are others like you out there. My fIance would be more than okay with 200 leftover servings of cake in our house after the wedding... my ass, would not. Can't wait to see pictures of your creation!!! I have to ask, what flavors did you get??? Yum...
  • JaneAustin- If you guys love cake that much, you could save the cake budget and buy a normal sized one each week for a year!! hahah I'm just joking, I think your cake is ridiculous but you would think my wedding pies and hatred of cake is equally ridiculous so everyone rock on with what they love :)
  • Really?!? All I would think is that you liked sweets and I'd ask you to slide over, pass a plate and let's eat a few servings together!
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