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Kids at the reception and wedding

We have 3 kids of our own that will be included in our ceremony. Our daughter will be the flower girl, our youngest son will be the ring bearer, our oldest son will ring a bell before his sister starts tossing the flowers. I was talking to my mom about the ideas I  was putting together and she's kind mad that I don't want to include her niece as a flower girl. Which I think is crazy because I'm not including any of my sister's kids either and they tend to be okay with it. My fiance and I  have agreed to let kids attend the ceremony and reception since ours of course will be there. However I'm not sure  what to do so they have fun and our kids will feel included with out having any of the things we do for our kids birthdays which over the years I've become an expert at putting together. Can anyone make any suggestions?

Re: Kids at the reception and wedding

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    We are having a table set by one of the corners of our reception venue that will have coloring books and things on it for the kids.
  • I thought about that but my daughter colors on everything from chairs to walls and one of my boys hate to color. I know that they make washable colors but I wash so many walls at home and I don't want to spend my wedding night cleaning (lol). She has gotten so creative that she some times did the tips of markers that are only meant for certain paper in juice and write that way. (lol) Thanks for the input.
  • parents are responsible for entertaining their children if needed.  If they do not think their kids will behave or will get bored then they either need to bring something to entertain them or hire a sitter.  The kids at our wedding had a great time dancing and playing together.  You even pointed it out that what some kids enjoy (like coloring) maybe not be best for the other kid (who will color on the wall!)  So leave it up to the parents IMO

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