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Publix cakes.... hidden jewel!

I saw a post where someone was saying Publix cake is about the same cost as a local baker, and idk about their area necessarily, but not in Tennessee! I called and got the breakdown on how they charge (I only asked on round cakes, sorry!). Here is what I was told for MY Publix:

6" round - $40 (said serves 12)
7" round - $55 (said serves 16)
8" round - $65 (said serves 20)
9" round - $80 (said serves 24)
10" round - $100 (said serves 30)
12" round - $150 (said serves 46)
14" round - $205 (said serves 52)

Then they charge $20 each tier they add, and they have a $30 delivery charge, BUT the top layer is free!

I was quoted $345 plus $30 delivery (7", 10", 14") It broke down to
7" - free, $20 for a tier, 10" - $100, $20 for another tier, 14" - $205 (serves 98 if you save the top layer, 114 if you serve top layer)
I was quoted $270 plus $30 delivery (6", 9", 12") that broke down to
6" - free, $20 for a tier, 9" - $80, $20 for another tier, 12" - $150 (serves 70 if you save the top layer, 82 if you serve top layer)

So yes, it is MUCH cheaper than a local baker around here. I was quoted $3.50 a serving ($5.00 if tiered!) for our local baker. And if you haven't tried their cakes.... YUMMMM!!! They can't put fake or real flowers on cake though, florist can. Hope this helps since I haven't been able to find this info online anywhere, but your local Publix could be a slightly different price.
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Re: Publix cakes.... hidden jewel!

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I think this probably varies greatly on where you live. If you include their $20 per tier charge, you are looking at approximately $3.50 per serving from Publix. There are bakeries in my area whose tiered wedding cakes start at $2.50 per serving. 

    That's awesome that it would be cheaper for you though.
  • 2.50 a serving?!?! I can't find that anywhere around here :(
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  • where i live a 6 inch round is 25 bucks at a local bakery
  • I need to live where yall do!
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  • In our area that would be right on yeah I think it varies very much by region
  • My FI came up with the idea yesterday of an ice cream sundae bar! We LOVE ice cream.... just about every night we have some together. We may skip the cake anyways and feed each other ice cream :P
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  • AprilH81AprilH81 Columbus, OH member
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    My sister got her wedding cake at Publix 5 years ago in Florida.  It was AMAZINGLY good.  
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  • Oh I love Publix cakes! As a child I used to always ask for them for my birthday, because we shopped there in Florida. We just started getting them here in Tennessee withing the past few years and I am SO happy. OP we must live somewhat near each other ;)
  • @rynnexx I live in Tennessee too!
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  • the number of people fed per size is pretty high, an 8" double layer round cake feeds 8-10 people, not 15,  unless you only give people a tiny tiny slice, i would take about 5 people off per estimation on the larger cake sizes you listed
  • if you have a sams club or costco by you- check them out! I'm getting 200 cupcakes for $100! and a top layer for $12! Sam's club to the recuse! :)
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  • I'll check out Costco too. I think we are nixing a cake altogether and doing an ice cream sundae bar with some cupcakes on the side but scoop ice cream together and feed each other that :)
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  • Our local grocer does tall round cakes too.  We get the kid's sheet cakes from there all of the time and they're good.  I think their 5" is maybe $8 and the 7" is $18.  I'm not sure on the other sizing.  I've definitely considered ordering from there and tiering them myself, although I was leaning more towards not having them stacked on top of each other.
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  • We got a Publix 2-tiered cake for our wedding. It was delicious, and they did a beautiful job decorating it. I'd highly recommend it.
  • In the Austin Tx area i was able to get 2.50 per slice with a lady who did wedding cakes on the side. Have you asked on your local board?
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