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My fiance and I will be getting married in Bloomington, IN in about a year or so. The ceremony site will be our church, but we haven't decided on a reception site yet. Most of the services will be provided by our family or close family friends, but we will be looking for a few vendors. Things we are interested in (in addition to the reception site) are a cake decorator, a photo booth, a DJ, a cake service, and somewhere that sells or rents ceremony decorations or supplies. We are on a limited budget, so if anyone knows of any reasonably priced vendors that provide these services, that would be great!

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  • I am getting married in Bloomington and I went to get a quote from the only party rental in town, Perfect Parties. She quoted me at over $900 (which seemed very high for what I was getting). So I shopped around in Indianapolis. Everyone there quoted me at just over $300 for the same list. I am going with A-Classic Rentals in Northern Indianapolis. The catch is that either myself or my mother (who lives in Indianapolis) will be picking up the rentals (we're not getting anything big). The delivery fee would have been $350 to Bloomington, although that's still cheaper than if I had done it in town. The are allowing me to pick up the items as early as Thursday morning, which helps, and bring them back on Monday. Even if you can't go get the stuff from Indianapolis yourself which I know not everyone can do I would still cross-price check there because like I said even with that long delivery it would have still been cheaper.
  • Oh and for venue a lot of it depends on how many people you are having, are you having a full dinner, etc. We are going with the Fields because we needed a place to hold 200+ guests for a full dinner, and they allowed us to bring in outside catering and alcohol which was imporant to me because I work at a restuarant and therefore get a nice deal on those things. But it's a lot of work in that they literally do nothing but provide the space and the tables and chairs so it's a lot of coordination. If you provide more details I can give you info though; I feel like I called every single reception venue in Bloomington!
  • Thank you for your response and for the advice about party rentals! We plan on having around 200 people. Our reception dinner will not be catered, but we still want room for everyone to sit down and eat as we are bringing in appetizer-style food and will be having a candy bar. There isn't much information online for receptions venues. The only place I've really checked into so far is Deer Park Manor, and it's $2500 to rent for the day (which is out of my budget). I looked at The Fields website but couldn't find any pricing information. I know that most places in my budget will require us to do most of the set up, but I'm just wondering what they give you to work with at The Fields. Do you know what the chairs look like and if they provide any type of linens? I'm finding that table and chair covers can be rather expensive. There's so much informaiton about anything you need in Indy, but it's so hard to find information about anything in Bloomington, so I really appreciate your help! I'm realizing that talking to others who planned/are planning a wedding around Bloomington is really the best way to get (the most honest) informaiton.
    Thanks again!
  • Wow! Thank you so much for all of that information! It's all very helpful! I remember you mentioning renting supplies from Indy- did that include linens? That's the next big thing on my list that I'm looking into! I will definitely be giving A-Class Rentals a call! Perhaps I should look in Indy for a DJ, because I'm not having much luck looking for one in Bloomington. Most of the wedding websites don't even list vendors in Bloomington or the list is very limited and you have to refer to Indy anyway. I'm going to the bridal show in Bloomington this weekend, so I'm hoping there are local reasonably-priced vendors there. Again, thanks for your help!
  • Yes, I rented linens from A-Classic. Best Rentals is another place in Indy you might try. My aunt was a caterer in Indy so she gave me both those places. Their prices were basically the same; it's just A-Classic had like one thing I wanted that Best Rentals didn't have so I went with them instead. Yeah sorrry I can't be more help with a DJ; I opted to rent a sound system and do an iPod playlist and have my uncle do all the announcements, etc., to save money. I did do some research on DJs in Bloomington; they were all about $500-$700 but I couldn't find any reviews on anyone so it stressed me out because I couldn't tell who was any good. Yeah I will be at the bridal show too! Haha I actually have pretty much all my vendors but bridal shows are fun so I'm going anyway! Good luck with your vendors!
  • Thank you for all of your help! Good luck on your big day!
  • In Response to Re: Bloomington vendors:

    Have you found a photographer yet? I am actually a wedding photographer and went to IU so I LOOOOVE Bloomington and know of the best places to get pictures. If you have not found anyone yet, I have a website that still needs to be updated but it is My facebook page is way more up to date and you can find weddings on there. I dont charge a ton because I have another job as a Communications Director, but I am in Indianapolis and you can contact me if you are interested!

    Good luck!

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