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My wedding is May 10, 2014 on Oahu, Hawaii. Any advice on venders, planners, or anything?? I'm having the ceremony at the Molokai Garden and having the reception at the Grand Lanai, both are at the Officers'Club at HAB. I'm from the area I just haven't been to a wedding or event there. Who did you use for catering?? Any other military brides getting married at Hickam?  

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  • i actually looked at hickham for my wedding and reception but ended up going with something else (dad is retired combat vet)…. are you still living there or are planning something long distance? i live elsewhere and hiring a planner was essential…. the one i'm working with is AMAZING. she has a boutique wedding company, is very friendly and creative, check her out:

    i tell my friends that if i wasn't marrying my man i'd marry her!
  • Do you need to be an active duty Air Force Officer to use the Officers Club at HAB for a wedding? 
  • Well I have a sponsor who is an active duty officer, so no need to answer the question above. I'm excited to have my wedding here! If anyone has had or is having their wedding at the Hickam Officers Club - please share your experience, tips, advice, etc. I am living in the mainland now but originally from HI - most of my extended family is in HI still. So they're pretty happy I'm having it in the islands. But I haven't seen it in person, just sent my family to check it out and they assure me it is beautiful. 
    My back up was the Hale Koa but it wasn't available on my ideal date. 
  • fyi you don't have to be an active duty officer to have an event at the O club - just need to be active or retired military, officer or enlisted. 
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