My Wish?

My wish by Rascall Flatts? My brother is walking me down the aisle and I love this song for him. I am not dancing with him at the father daughter dance as I am honoring my adopted family at that time. Would it seen weird to play this while walking down the aisle? 

Re: My Wish?

  • @coronado11

    I think it would be a bit weird. Maybe have that song as a special dance for you and your brother at the reception. I don't think doing that would be taking away from you honoring your adopted family.
  • The chorus is a little off for the walk down the isle but you can make it work. If you decide against, then you can always play it during the reception (not a solo, all eyes on us dance) and make sure you find your brother to dance with when it comes on. 
  • I love that song but walking down the aisle is not much of a song for him, as it would be a song for you or your husband on some level. 

    I used "My Wish" in my processional for the seating of the family (parents, grandparents and Husband walking his mom).

    It is a beautiful song and wedding appropriate by all means, but If you wanted to dedicate it to your brother, I'd save it for the reception. 

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