Inexpensive wedding invitations?

I only need about 50 invitations max, but they are really pricey. help!

Re: Inexpensive wedding invitations?

  • I got my invitations from The Chandlery in Roswell and I received a discount after attending their bridal show. What is your price range? 
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  • We printed ours ourselves. bought the invitations and created our design. Staples,office depot should have them.

  • I purchased a plain ivory kit from Hobby Lobby.  It included 50 invites and 50 response cards and the envelopes for both.  Then I used Microsoft Publisher to design them and printed them.  Hobby Lobby almost always has a 40% off coupon, using it made them $15 :)  So I did 50 invites with postage on both envelopes for about $55!
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  • I bought a Groupon for Vistaprint and am printing my invitations from there. Groupon cost me $17 for $70 worth of product. 
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  • Try Etsy! There are a lot of good deals when you look around & most of them are handmade, so you can't go wrong! :)
  • I order mine from Etsy (lvandy27), I thought about vista print. The invitations were so elegant it set the tone for the wedding.
  • ^that is who I am purchasing mine from as well. Ivandy27 on etsy. very well made! 
  • I got the groupon from Vistaprint, so I was able to buy STD, invitations, and thank you cards at a deep discount.
  • I got my invitations from Michaels. They have different designs. For 30 invitations, envelopes, rsvps card, rsvp envelopes, twine, and a tag was regularly 39.99. Michaels always have coupons so I got 40% off. You can only use 1 per transaction but you can go through the line more than once. So each box was 25. It comes with the software to download to the computer to print out the invitations! 
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