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Thoughts and Prayers for Allusive and Her DH

Hello All! 

I got off the phone with Allusive about an hour ago and found out that her husband's father had a stroke today. She says it is pretty bad. He is on respirator and the stroke happened close to his brain stem; so they are afraid that even if he does recover that he may not have a very good quality of life. He is only 70 and it was very unexpected. I can't even begin to imagine what she is going through.  She says that DH has not even said a word since he arrived at the hospital. It's breaking her heart. 

You are all very special to Allusive and she considers you a very important of her community and support system; So I told her that I would let you all know what was going on. 

Many thoughts and prayers for comfort and miracles are wanted.

Do you happen to know if Allusive participated in Elfster or a Christmas card exchange? If not- I would gladly share my address with you if you would like to send a physical card or token of thought. :)

I hope this message finds you all doing well!

(I still think of you all very often and I'm glad that I am connected with many of you on facebook.) Thanks for your T&P for Allusive and her husband! They are both such amazing and loving individuals. It is hard to seem them hurting. :(

P.S. Allusive isn't saying anything on Facebook, since many family still doesn't know. I told her she could shut down her wall, but she may not have a chance. 
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Re: Thoughts and Prayers for Allusive and Her DH

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