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I was wondering if anyone could help me decide between caterers for our wedding next year.  We are deciding between Funky's and Jeff Thomas. A third option is Eatwell, but they are probably out of our price range. Funky's hasn't been great about getting back to us, but they are cheaper than Jeff Thomas. Both have yummy menus (although I haven't actually tasted either.)

Does anyone have experience with these places?

Thank you!

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    The only one of those 3 I've ever had is Funky's. I've been to 2 different weddings that used them and their food is excellent. I would definitely recommend using them.

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    I didn't have a great experience with Jeff Thomas.  We didn't end up using him, but I can't recommend him.
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    I went back and forth between EatWell and Jeff Thomas. I actually found EatWell to cost less than Jeff Thomas in the end. 
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    We are going with Funky's - we looked at the other two also.  I assume you're getting married at the CAC?  You're right about Funky's not getting back to you promptly.  We had a conversation with Jerin about that and since then he's been good at getting back to us or making sure someone else does.  They hired a girl to help out and she has been more prompt in returning phone calls, emails, etc.  Their menu options were much more interesting than Jeff Thomas in my opinion.  I would definitely recommend Funky's but would also recommend that you are clear upfront about what your expectations for communication are so they get back to you ASAP. 
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