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Gift to bride from Bridal party

wanted some help to find out some ideas to get the Bride as a gift from her bridesmaids.  I was looking for something personalized,but everything that comes up on a search are gifts to bridesmaids from the bride, not from the bridesmaids to the bride. Any ideas? Thanks!!!!!

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    Do all the bms want to go in on a gift for the bride? I'd skip the monogrammed stuff. Buy her a nice quality cake knife and server or champagne flutes to use at the wedding and for special occasions after that. Otherwise, choose something from her registry. 
  • I say get something from her registry. She may already have the cake knife/champagne flutes, ect.

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  • Agree with PPs.  Choose something from her registry, or something that would compliment her registry items.  It's not quite the same, but around the time of my shower, my mom asked me if there was anything on our registry I was super excited about for myself.  I said I was really hoping to get a specific kitchen appliance; when I opened my shower gifts, she'd picked it up for me with a bunch of the accessories.  Maybe you could do something similar for the bride?

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    We got a "Bridesmaid" frame for a bride once and also gave her a gift certificate to her photographer inside the frame.  Then once her pictures came in, she got one of us printed out and it sits in her home now.
  • agree to do something from the registry, but If she is into the personalized thing, one of my bridesmaids got me the "mrs. new last name" hanger that I hung my dress on on the wedding day, that I loved. And i actually could use after the wedding since it is just holding a dress in my closet now.

    if you are looking for something non wedding per say get her a gift certificate to a nail salon for a mani/pedi or a day at a day spa or to the hair salon, etc.  Most girls love a little pampering :)

  • @erinlin25 had great ideas.

    I don't think it's necessary at all - the BP has already bought dresses, booked travel, etc - but if they want to do something nice, that's really sweet.  If the bride loves personalized or monogrammed things (I know a lot of people don't, but I kind of do - when it's subtle) - I just bought myself a monogram necklace on LivingSocial - - and will surprise FI by wearing it the day after & going to the honeymoon.

    The personalized hangers are also really cute and not very expensive - some photographers have pictures of the dress hanging up on hangers like that and they're way cute.

    Also ditto spa day.  Or, if you're all in town the day before - you could treat the bride to a mani/pedi and all go together?
  • For one of my friends we made a photo book through Shutterfly for her.  We includes photos from her showers, bachelorette party and others from over the years of her with each of the ladies that were invited to those events.  We mailed it to her a few days after her bachelorette party as a little surprise.  It's not for everyone, but she loved it, and it was pretty cheap since we waited until there was a 50% deal on the book.  
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