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Shoes for Bridesmaids

We are deciding bridesmaid dress color on Sunday and I know my girls will immediately ask about shoe color.  The dresses will either be a deep purple/plum color (sangria) or a dark brown (mocha, chocolate, or espresso)  I know that nude will go well with anything, but is nude too...brown to look good with purple?  I know neutrals like brown are supposed to match anything, but I always picture silver or black with purple.  However, I feel that silver is too fancy for the casual vibe of my wedding and most of the time if you aren't in high school or attend military balls/galas/benefits regularly you won't be able to get enough wear out of a silver shoe.  Is black too dark for a fall wedding and/or would nude work well with purple?

Thanks ladies for all the help!!

Re: Shoes for Bridesmaids

  • I think nude shoes would look lovely with purple! It's a great neutral they would go with any colour and the shoes could be worn again after the wedding. They would look good if you decide on brown dresses as well. I would suggest looking online for pictures of purple bridesmaid dresses paired with nude shoes to give yourself a better idea of what it will look like. Good luck and congratulations!
  • Thank you!
  • I also like the idea of purple dresses with nude shoes; if you're on Pinterest you can just search for that and you'll get a ton of pictures to give you a better visual. Black would look nice as well though, so maybe give your BMs a choice between the two?
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    Look at it this way - nude shoes are meant to blend with skin tone (to make legs look longer). If the purple looks good against your maids' skin, it'll look good with nude shoes! If the dresses are floor length though, I'd just give them the choice of one or the other (nude or black) since you won't see much of the shoes anyway.

  • I would say nude is a great choice. I also agree with PP about black shoes too. I own both colors of shoes and would say most girls own either one or the other or both like me.
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  • Definitely nude! My friend did purple and her nude shoes looked great with the dresses
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