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Bridal Shower Wine Glass Favor, Tag Saying

I am looking into getting wine glasses for my girlfriend's Bridal Shower as favors. I've been scouring the internet for "fun sayings" or puns to put on the tag and haven't found much that is wedding/love and wine glass related. Does anyone have any suggestions, or maybe you're a good poet?!

 Alot of the sayings I have found are more related specifically to wine, not a wine glass. 

Some that I have found, but don't LOVE are:
"Like good wine, Marriage gets better with age"
"Something old, something new, something cool to hold your brew" (brew doesn't really work ha)
"The best wine pairing is a glass" (doesn't really relate to a bridal shower)
"Thank you for coming to un"wine"d at Lauren's Bridal Shower"
"For toasting to the Soon to be Mrs."

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Re: Bridal Shower Wine Glass Favor, Tag Saying

  • I can't come up with any sayings, but I will add it is a good idea you are looking to put a tag on the glass and not inscribing them directly.  No one will use a wine glass engraved with the brides name and wedding date so I like that your favor will be useable :)  From the ideas you came up with, I like the "un-wine-d" one, or the simple "a toast to new Mrs."  You could always pick a few different ones and mix them up.   

    Or this could be super cheesy, but what about:  "Love is Patient, Love is Wine..." and then say Thank You for toasting the bride to be, or something like that? 

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    My cup over flows with friendship/ love...something like that
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

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    I am stealing these expressions from google searches.....

    "To have and to hold (as in the glass) from this day forward"......applies to the marriage and the glass.

    "Thankful for many things, but mostly for good wine and exquisite taste in friends".

    "Cheers to the nights we will always remember and the friends we will never forget".
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