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Getaway car question (re: hair)...

We're borrowing FI's dad's convertible (which is super exciting, and I'm happy he's letting us borrow it), but I've never ridden in one... this sounds stupid, but won't it ruin my hair?  How windy do convertibles get at average, no-more-than-45-mph speeds?  I really don't want to ruin a hairdo that I spent money and time getting, but I wasn't sure if it would even be an issue.

Any of you ladies have any insight?  Thanks!!
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Re: Getaway car question (re: hair)...

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    Yeah, it will ruin your hair, but you can wear a scarf over it and that will help. I wouldn't think it would be too bad at 45mph and hopefully, your drive will be short.  I personally enjoy the heck out of a convertible and would say screw the hair.  I love the windblown look--you know--as long as it's AFTER the reception--which it sounds like it is...but to each their own.  Good luck.
  • I should have clarified...

    The car will be driven (by him) from the church to the reception, and from the reception to the hotel.  Like I said, the reception is not very far away, and the top speed (legally...) during that stretch is 40-45 mph.  

    I know that windscreens or wind deflectors for convertibles... maybe I will look into how well those work.  

    And, you're right - AFTER the reception, who cares?!  It's just before that I'm concerned about :\
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  • Ah, well then I can definitely relate.  :)
    I do think windscreens help quite a bit.  I went on a freeway with one once, but I tend to forget about those as most of my interactions with convertibles have been without the windscreen.
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