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How late is too late in the season?

Hi! So my fiance and I are trying to figure out dates and we have early August and late September as our top two. However, we won't be getting married in a church. We are from Northern Michigan and the weather ALWAYS changes and previous Septembers the weather has been extremely warm. Any suggestions on what date you think would be better? I wanted a more "fall" wedding and the colors in September are beautiful :)

Re: How late is too late in the season?

  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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    We have similar weather here in Massachusetts. I chose Sept 13th because August can sometimes be 100 degrees here or Sept 30th can sometimes be 30 degrees here, you never know! So I stayed safe- beginning of Sept isn't very likely to get an extreme weather. 



  • I would go with later in the year, so September. As a guest, I'd rather be chilled than hot, because I can always add more clothes. Plus, you love the colors!
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    I just went to an outdoor wedding in Wisconsin in November. I side eyed that a little but it ended up being beautiful, after thundering all morning. The very next weekend it was 20 degrees. So it's possible, but it gets less and less predictable as time goes on- good ol' midwest. I think September and even October are generally quite nice. It would probably be still hot as hades in August I would think, and often stormy if it's anything like here in MN. 
  • If you are more into fall, then do september, just remember to have an indoor or tent backup option because no matter what time of year or where you are, weather can be unpredictable and it could rain. Temp wise, you should still be fine for Sept. in Michigan. I live in Ohio and we have similar temps. Plus side to Sept over Early August is, that it will still be comfortable but probably not nearly as hot as August which will be more comfortable for you and your guests.
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    My wedding is on September 27th in Western NY and I'm having the same worries. Generally that time of year should be ok and warm enough to have a wedding. Luckily only my ceremony is outside and the cocktail hour and dinner are inside.

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