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I do not get it with some people. I'm on Facebook using the video chat with my Aunt and I watch her give me this weird face. Apparently, one of my cousins that is not invited to my wedding, posted and tagged me and some other family members in a post about being thrilled to come to my wedding. My aunt ask me why the hell would she post that on Facebook and giggles because 1. she isn't invited 2. It's rude to do that and 3. She is tagging other relatives I am not close with/ or know about my wedding day. This cousin is related to my paternal side overseas in Tehran and we are not close. I never spoke about my wedding online.I just watched my Aunt give me a facepalm over this situation. My Aunt jokingly told me to be snarky with her facebook comment and tell her otherwise. Sadly, I can't.

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Re: NER Cousin

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    You may not be able to say something on Facebook but you should say something to her. Either she genuinely believes she's invited (in which case you need to correct her before she makes plans to come) or she's doing this on purpose to make you feel guilty (in which case you need to show her that guilt trips do not work).

    You may want to change your FB settings so nobody can tag you in anything without your permission. Especially around wedding time, this can be very useful.
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