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Wedding photo location recommendations in West Shore/Harrisburg area?

Hi ladies! I am getting married in Camp Hill, and I am having a difficult time finding an outdoor location for our photos right after the ceremony. Do any of you have recommendations within a 15-20 minute drive? I'd really appreciate it!

Re: Wedding photo location recommendations in West Shore/Harrisburg area?

  • We are planning to do engagement photos along the waterfront/front street in Harrisburg.  From there you can also get photos with the capitol in the background or on the walking bridge.
  • Your photographer should be able to recommend some locations!!! Its their job! :) 
    (I am wedding photographer, so I can vouch for this!)
  • There's a little park right in Camp Hill on Market Street, Negly Park (sp?), City Island or front street, Lower Allen Park
  • @az1177:  Our photographer is not in the area.  My fiance and I live a few states away, and so does our photographer.  We wanted to have our engagement photos taken where we live now since this is where we met, and in general it's been nice to have at least one vendor who is close to us.  But it's also been tough planning everything from a distance, and this is just one of many difficulties.  Are there any photo locations you'd recommend as a local photographer?  I would really appreciate any ideas!  I've seen some gorgeous photos from Harrisburg-area photographers, but I have no idea where they were taken (and I haven't received any responses to messages I've sent to the photographers asking about where the photos were taken).  
  • Does anyone know where this was taken?
  • Also look into Messiah College, there are great covered bridges there. The Harrisburg waterfront is your best bet though if you are looking for greenery and water. 
  • Where did you pull the image from?  If from another photographer's site, ask:)  Most cases they'll remember and be able to help:)
  • @shutterbug101108, that was my plan, but unfortunately the photographer never responded.  I guess he didn't have much incentive since we couldn't give him any business.  Still, I was hoping he'd help out the customer of a vendor friend of his! 

    @mbendo5338, we are looking at a few areas along the Yellow Breeches, including the bridge at Messiah.  It is beautiful over there! 

    @shutterbug101108, thanks for your previous suggestion of Lower Allen Community Park - that's on our list to check out this spring when the snow is gone!
  • Downtown Harrisburg has some good spots--Riverfront Park (along Front Street on the Susquehanna), the Sunken Gardens, which is also in Riverfront Park and City Island. You can do a combo of city background shots and greenery.
  • @SnowWhite334, thanks for the recommendation!  This might work well for us.

    Has anyone done wedding photos at Italian Lake or Fort Hunter park?   
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