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October 18 Wedding. Who wants to team up? ;)

My wedding is this October on the 18th. My goal is to tone up my entire body! The biggest thing I am looking forward to is the HONEYMOON! I refuse to go on this vacation without feeling 100% confident in my bikini. I'd love for any of you ladies to join me and hold me accountable. Let's encourage each other along the way! :)

Re: October 18 Wedding. Who wants to team up? ;)

  • My wedding is on October 18th as well! What are you doing to get in shape?
  • I'm October 10, 2015... I'm doing t25 and about to start the brand new "21 day fix". I have a very hard time losing weight so I'm starting a year and 8 months ahead of time! lol
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    I'm September 13 of this year! I just started T25. I have always been athletic and have a pretty good metabolism, I just got lazy and didn't work out for the last 6 months. So I have about 5-10 lbs to lose and tone up. I grew up with an aerobics instructor mother so I know all about health and fitness if you want any food tips or anything :) 



  • I'm October 18th as well, I have been walking 2 miles a day and I just ordered Bridalicious Boot Camp. I'm so ready to get into this and be happy and healthy on my wedding day.
  • Awesome, ladies! I plan to follow the Bridalicious Boot Camp workout schedule! I have the food and nutrition down pat, I just need to keep my motivation to workout! I used to workout faithfully, then I took a job an hour away and life since then has just been busy! NO EXCUSES now though! On the "rest" days I plan to do cardio (Zumba, Running, etc). 

    I did day 1 of bridalicious bootcamp yesterday and it KICKED my booty! I feel it in my thighs and booty the most. I can't imagine what the rest of these workouts will be like. So excited!
  • I commented below but I am doing the bridalicious bootcamp! I started yesterday and it was FANTASTIC! Kicked my booty! What are you planning to do!? Love that we have the same wedding dates!
  • Im starting a T25 challenge group! message me if intersted 

  • morganconley I'd love to join in! Not looking to lose a lot of weight, per say, but really looking to tone up before the honeymoon (this December). Are you finding that Bridalicious Boot Camp is working for you? Would you recommend it?
  • I'm having an October wedding also. I just ordered T25 yesterday. I should be able to start it by Monday. I had a baby last June and just stopped breastfeeding a few weeks ago so its time for this weight to go! I am really hoping to loose 15lbs before I find a dress and another 10 afterwards.
  • My wedding is October 17 and I have some weight to lose!! I am feeling the pressure!!
  • I'm September 2015 and would like to lose about 100 pounds, so I'm in! I'm 15 pounds down since the beginning of January so I need to keep up the motivation!
  • I'm getting married October 11th. I want to lose 35-45 pounds.

    If anyone wants to be my accountability partner, email me: [email protected]

    If a bunch of people are interested, maybe we could start a FB group to keep us motivated. 
  • Im starting a T25 challenge group! message me if intersted 

    What does this challenge consist of?
  • My wedding is next october. I'm trying to lose about 80 pounds I'm just using the gym and counting calories
  • I'm getting married October 10th. I plan to lose 50 pounds. I plAn to workout daily, if I am unable to I will walk for an hour or do Zumba on the wii :-)
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    Mine is October 12! and I'm in! :)
  • My wedding is October 4! I have been going to Boot Camp at a local gym 5 days a week and I am on a nutrition program. My goal is 20lbs and to be toned for the bikini as well. I go on Instagram and follow all the fitness pages for motivation. It actually really helps:) I took a before picture and every 4 weeks I take another to track my progress. WE GOT THIS!!!
  • My wedding is October 4th as well. I started weight watchers a month ago and work out about 3-4 times a week when my schedule and body allows it. My goal is about 20lbs and I have already lost 7lbs and am steadily losing. My fiance' is doing this with me as well which is a huge help since I have a partner. We can definitely do this ladies!!!
  • What is the Bridalicious Bootcamp?
  • My wedding is October 4. I did the 21 day fix when it first came out, and it worked great! Then we had some family issues and I got back into my stupid crappy habits. Now I'm trying to get back into eating better and being more active.
  • My wedding is Oct. 17th, I have T25, Insanity and Turbofire but need the motivation and accountability. I will be happy if I can lose 20-30lbs by October!


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    I've lost 20 lbs but, I'm totally unmotivated to get fit and toned, ugh
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    I'm getting married October 17 and do zumba three times a week. I also ordered the Bridalicous Bootcamp DVDs. I love zumba but I'm less motivated to do the DVDs
  • I'm Oct 18,too!! I would love to lose 10-15lbs and tone my arms more. I've started cutting way back on carbs and doing more cardio and weights.
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