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Hiring a school band - Thoughts?

My southern California friend hired a band through a local university and they were awesome.  22 people.  Vocals. Brass. Everything.  The whole band was $3300!!!  Also, she said it was a tax write off due to it going to a school.  Has anyone had a similar experience?  Any thoughts?  I was thinking about doing this for my northern California wedding in 2015.  Thanks in advance!

Re: Hiring a school band - Thoughts?

  • Hmm, I don't the price is bad, but I feel like an entire band sounds a little over the top for a wedding. I think of that for a parade or for a big production. I would invest the money in a stringed instrument ensemble, perhaps cello/violin/guitar.... ?
  • I also wonder if it's true that can be a write off and would ask your accountant. You are hiring and paying for a service, not making a donation without receiving something in exchange.
  • Speaking as a band director, it is a very cool thing to hire a local college band. Most college bands that would come do this type of thing are very professional, versatile musicians, and a whole lot of fun. What school are you thinking of hiring?
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