How much did you pay/are you paying for a videographer?

Can you please share the price you paid/are paying for your wedding video and what is included in the package? I'd like to get an idea of what to expect.


Re: How much did you pay/are you paying for a videographer?

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    We Paid about $1500 for all day coverage and got an edited video that was just under 2 hours long
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    We got a video quote but decided not to do it. It was for $1,500 for 9 hours of shooting, edited DVD. Our friends used the company and loved their resulting DVD.
  • $3600 and it was stunning!!!!
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  • We're paying $1,300 for all day coverage and this includes a 5-7 minute highlight video. If we decide we want all the raw footage we can add that on for another $300.
  • We paid $1500 for all day footage with a 5-10 minute highlight video and all the raw footage as well
  • We are paying $2400 for a 60 min video and 5 min highlight video with 10 hrs coverage! They have cheaper packages starting at $1500! I highly recommend them! Live Picture Studios in Jersey City, NJ. Look at their Vimeo for examples!
  • I'm glad someone else asked this question! @lac1252 who did you use and did they make an edited video? @ohashes11 by raw footage is this completely unedited? Thanks everyone for your input!
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  • @jennyp37, yes the raw footage is unedited. Check him out Brian J Productions, I don't know if he'd make a longer video or edit things if you wanted him to. A friend of ours used him and I was in love with their highlight video. I figured for the price it was a pretty good deal seeing as we didn't feel we needed a long video just something that captures the highlights, but we liked that we could also have all the raw footage. Initially my fiancé wouldn't let me have a videographer (that was the only thing through our entire planning process he said no to!) as he felt it was unnecessary but when he saw Brian's videos he was all for it. I think you have to make sure you watch a bunch on any given videographers website as there are a lot of different styles. His style happened to be what I was looking for and at a good price.
  • @jennyp37 We are using JB Horn Film. He is based out of RI but will travel. He is friends with my sister and shot her wedding in September. I think he gave us a slight discount because of this because the pricing on his site is $1,500. You can see his work here!lisa-and-andy/c19wj And by highlight reel I meant an edited video. He has a few weekends still open in 2014 and looks like he's offering $100 off for those he is available for.

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