Which photographer? Daniel Michael or Michael Bambino

Hey everyone! I'm new here, so I apologize if my formatting and whatnot is off. I'm semi-newly engaged and have been looking for a wedding photographer. FI and I have visited several and are torn between two--Images by Daniel Michael or Michael Bambino & Co. We have the means to hire Daniel Michael, himself, or Michael Bambino, himself. I'm looking for feedback, or votes, or reviews, or experiences--anything! I've read so many reviews, it doesn't seem like i could go wrong either way, but I guess I just wanted to know what people would pick if they were in my shoes. Thanks!!

Re: Which photographer? Daniel Michael or Michael Bambino

  • To be honest, we talked to both are were very turned off. I think they're both overpriced and both men made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and I heard that from brides that went with them too. They're good photographers but I think there are better out there for a more reasonable price (or ones that are a similar price and better). Good luck!
  • Thanks for the honest feedback!
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