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New Jersey

NJ wedding venues (rustic, country, etc.)

Hello fellow future & current brides! I am newly engaged and just beginning the wedding planning thoughts. I live n Staten Island but already know I want to get married in New Jersey. I am looking for a reception venue within an hour of Staten Island. I really would like to find a venue that has a rustic, gothic, or woodsy feel for it. I am looking at approximately 150 guests (hopefully less) and a venue that offers most of what is needed (catering). I'm sure I will have many more questions as time goes on. Any help would be awesome, thanks!

Re: NJ wedding venues (rustic, country, etc.)

  • Think about Perona Farms in Andover.  One I think even better is Farmstead GC, I think also in Andover.  Perona is very popular and they do a great job, but they do a LOT of weddings and there may even be more than one going on a time.  Farmstead is a bit more intimate.  Even a little more authentically rustic.
  • Skylands Manor in Ringwood is beautiful.

  • My friend just booked Davids Country Inn which seems to fit the bill...you should look into it!
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  • Thanks so much! Perona I saw was more than an hour from me but I will definitely look into Farmstead.
  • Thanks so much. I will definitely look into that.
  • Thank you! I will definitely look into it.
  •  Davids Country Inn, Skylands Manor and Farmstead are all such beautiful venues. Unfortunately they're all close to an hour and a half away. Most of the guests are coming from Staten Island and I really wanted to keep the travel time within an hour. Another factor I need to consider is hotel accommodations for guests coming out of town. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought. Thanks so much for the feedback, any more suggestions are welcome. Thanks again! 
  • Check out Lake Valhalla Club! It's about an hour from SI, there are hotels that provide shuttles nearby, Morristown is close, and it's rustic. I'm don't know anything about venues at the shore, but there may be something that fits your criteria as well.
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  • I'm also from Staten Island and was looking for the same type of venue, however I'm looking to have under 100 guests which unfortunately has been making it even more difficult since many places want at least 120-150.  I would definitely suggest looking at the Lake Valhalla Club, they require a higher guest count than I was planning on but its just under an hour away from Staten Island and is beautiful! Also check out the Raritan Inn, its also about an hour away but the impression I got was that you need to rent out the whole B&B, which can be great if you'll have a lot of people that want to stay the night, but it was outside my budget to rent out the whole place for the weekend plus catering and everything else. I've heard really good things about it though!
  • I would suggest looking in the Lake Valhalla Club (like some pp did).  Thats where our October 2013 wedding will be.  Its rustic and about an hour from SI.  Lots of hotels in the area. Easy to get to since its right off rt 287.
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  • I went to a wedding at Lake Valhalla Club and it was gorgeous. My reception is at Smoke Rise Village Inn in Kinnelon, NJ. Not sure how far from SI, but it's a big stone building. I'm going for a rustic feel also. They have a manmade beach near by that I'm hoping to get pictures taken at. Feel free to ask any questions. Good Luck!
  • Thank you all so much for all the information and recommendations. The Lake Valhalla Club is an hour away and unfortunately I am getting a lot of input from family about that distance being too far. I know it is not all about family, it is your day, but I do want to be considerate of my elderly guests. Now I am looking to be either on Staten Island or within the half hour range. Thank you again and anymore suggestions, keep them coming my way. Thank you!
  • What about Snug Harbor right in SI?
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  • Despite it's name, the Victorian Manor in Edison has a rustic rather than Victorian feel to me. 

    As you have discovered there are plenty of rustic venues in Sussex & Warren County NJ but those will all be at least 1.5 if not 2 hours from SI.   The Arlington & the Jefferson House near Lake Hopactong may also fit the bill & are slightly closer to SI but not much. 

    It's in NY, not NJ & I don't remember the name of it but I went to a lovely wedding with a beautiful outside section under the Whitestone or Throgs Neck Bridge.  The food was prety good too.

    Another possibility might be the Someville Elks lodge off Route 287 to Route 28 in Bridgewater. One o fthe rooms has floor to ceiling windows that back to the woods.

    I think it's called Casino in the Park in Jersey City.  It really is in the middle of a park but it's got more of a rustic Italian flair inside.   Naninas in the Park in Belleville also has lovely outdoor spaces.

  • Thank you so much for your helpful responses. I still have not booked yet but I will definitely look into all of your suggestions! =)
  • also look at rock island lake club in sparta nj!  They are not open yet, but i actually am good friends with the owner and it looks fantasitc and just the rustic that you are looking for.  it is also on a lake
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