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Almond Torte Wedding Cakes

Service bakeries in my area (Pittsburgh) offer almond torte wedding cakes. The tortes that these bakeries offer are excellent, but I will admit that I have never seen an almond torte wedding cake, other in the bakeries' photographs.

So I am curious ... has anyone seen an almond torte wedding cake or attended a wedding featuring an almond torte wedding cake? How did the cake hold up? Was it tasty? Was the cake served as dessert or was it cut for guests to take home. Did the bride and bridegroom cut the cake? etc.

Any input that you can provide would be appreciated. Thanking everyone in advance

Re: Almond Torte Wedding Cakes

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    I had to look up what an almond torte cake was.  In the pictures it seems that it is stacked like a normal wedding cake.  And as with wedding cakes you and the groom can cut it or you can skip that tradition and just have it out for display and then cut by the venue.

    Wedding cakes (of any nature) are typically served even if there is additional desserts available. However it is always a good idea to have to go boxes for any left over cake that can then be taken home by your guests.

    I will say that I would make sure that you have something else that is non-nut central for those guests that may be allergic to nuts.

  • Excellent point, Maggie!
  • sounds like a nice cake but i know a lot of people at my wedding who could not eat or touch that cake for allergy reasons but i would maybe offer something else for the nut allergy people
  • Prantl's burnt almond torte is so good.  I think the non-custard filling version would hold up just fine and I actually like the taste better.  I've only seen pictures of their wedding cakes but they look really nice.

    We got the dessert package from Signature Desserts.  It had a regular cake that was a main dessert (we cut this cake) and then we could choose 6-7 other different desserts with the almond torte as an option.  Since we had takeout boxes for the cookie table we also put some on the self-serve dessert buffet table so people could take cake home if they wanted.

    Choosing a nut cake may be a know your crowd thing.  We had the Prantl's burnt almond torte for DH's birthday party and out of the 40 or so guests no one had a nut allergy; the only people that didn't eat it were the dieters.  Everyone else loved it.

    If you want the nut cake and don't know of nut allergies in your crowd then go for it.  We had one person at our wedding that couldn't eat any of the many desserts because he is lactose free.  I felt a little bad about it but not to the extent that I felt I had to get him something special for dessert; especially because we had multiple apps during cocktail hour followed by a filling 5 course meal.

  • I used to live in Pittsburgh and seriously miss the burnt almond torte.  I've never seen it done as a wedding cake though.  You might have better luck on the Pittsburgh board….if there is one.  The almond torte seems to be a 'Burgh thing.  
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