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November 2014 Weddings

My husband want to change the date of our wedding.

Our Wedding is for Friday  Oct. 31 2014, Halloween. That is what I want, He want to change it to Nov. 1, to accommodate everyone else.(people with children, My wedding is very child friendly) Am I being unreasonable in insisting on having it my way.

Re: My husband want to change the date of our wedding.

  • hlvonbhlvonb member
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    edited January 2014

    Unless October 31st has a major special meaning to you I don't see an issue with moving it. It's not like you're moving it up or back 6 months.
  • If it's really important to him, I would just change it.  You could have a totally kick-ass Halloween RD!! 
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  • Yeah if you wants kids to attend your wedding, don't have it on Halloween.

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  • phiraphira Bahstin member
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    I mean ... the two of you have to agree on a wedding date. It's not "your way" or "his way."

    Generally, it's more inconvenient for people to go to Friday weddings than it is for them to attend Saturday weddings. I'd say your wedding ISN'T child-friendly if you're having it on a Friday, so yeah, Saturday would be better.

    My aunt got married on Halloween years ago, and it was a blast, but it was a Saturday night wedding.
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