Need help deciding on favor/escort tags

Hello.  This is my first time posting on this board, and I am hoping that you all will be able to help me solve my little dilemma.  

Our favors are doubling as our escort card holders.  It's one per couple.
We are trying to decide if we should put the Escort Card INSIDE the favor (along with a tea light that will get lit once they reach their tables) or tie it on the handle.  The above picture is a mock up of the set up.  

I like the idea of tying it on the handle - that way it's easy to see, etc.  I'm not sure if I like the card on the inside.  My mom said that we should have the favors on the table, but I'm worried that people will think that it's one per person, when in reality it's one per couple. 

Any thoughts/ideas?  Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Need help deciding on favor/escort tags

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