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Cutting out refined sugar: seeking accountability pal.

So I am hoping to lose 10-15 lbs before my wedding, which will be in January.  I am all for exercise, but I need to get into a steady routine and keep it up, which has been difficult because I am a new teacher and I have been sick 4 times this school year.  I guess I'm not used to being exposed to so many germs all the time!  It is hard to keep up a regular exercise routine because I have been getting colds that stick around for up to a month.  It is getting really frustrating but I am starting to think that I should focus more on my diet right now while I am only able to do low-intensity exercise (fighting off cold #4 ATM).  I do eat a lot healthy foods, but the one change I would like to see is cutting out refined sugar for a while because I drink it in my coffee every day and also drink soda sometimes on the weekend.

I am thinking of starting with a 2 week challenge to cut out sugar.  I am hoping that I will feel more confident that I can reduce my sugar intake and also it will help me to form some healthier habits,  Anybody in? We can keep each other accountable!

Re: Cutting out refined sugar: seeking accountability pal.

  • I might be interested in joining! When are you starting?
  • I'd like to start soon. Maybe Sunday the 23rd or Monday the 24th if you are ready!  I've never done any accountability group challenges online before, but if you are interested we can check in with each other regularly via e-mail or messages on TK here.  Let me know what you think!
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