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How did you meet???


Re: How did you meet???

  • We met through Match.com. I had gone on a ton of bad dates, and he had the worst picture, but he talked about his cat (I have 2) so I felt like I had to meet him. It's a cliche, but I knew I was going to marry him on our first date.
  • Love reading all of these!
    FI and my older brother were childhood friends growing up, and when we were older ( he was starting college) we both realized there was a spark. We finally got engaged after 8 years of dating! :)
  • eHarmony. Engaged 10 months to day after our first date.
  • sarahuflsarahufl New York member
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    On a bowling team :)
  • Kegger. No, seriously.
    I was new to Colorado, and my friend from work invited me to a party in March last year. 6 people were turning 21 at the same time about, so they threw a giant party. I was friends with all of them through my work friend, we'd hung out before. One of them was my FIs cousin. 

    He's 27, so when he showed up in a big cowboy hat, beard, wranglers and carhartt, everyone kept asking 'Who's the old guy?' His cousin found him and got him beer. He introduced my FI to me and my friend, and my FI was smoking a swisher sweet. I asked what the heck it was, and he said;
    "It's a cigar, want one?"
    We started dating a couple months later. He was horrible at texting, and lived two hours away, but we figured it out. I moved in last July. 

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  • We met the second week of our freshman year of college - many many moons ago in 2002. We had Chem 101 together in one of those giant, 300-seat auditorium classrooms. The second week of class, he came strolling down the aisle and asked if he could sit in the empty seat next to me. We then proceeded to crack crude joke about the other students in the class. (We are the King & Queen of Snark.) The next several class meetings, we continued to sit next to each other. The next week he asked me to be his date to our college football game that Saturday, September 20. We've been together ever since, and I still have my ticket to that football game. We are finally getting married this June 20, three months shy of the 12th anniversary of our first date. 
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  • He was my dad’s best friend’s son, though we knew each other since a long time but later on we got to know each other more started spending time together a lot later he proposed to me and that’s how it happened.

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