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Another Monday! How was your weekend?


Re: Another Monday! How was your weekend?

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    @500days @Blue I've subbed for college classes, and I've subbed for SAT prep classes (I worked for Kaplan). Definitely the hardest part is not knowing names. I now have SO MUCH more respect for substitutes. I used to wonder why subs never seemed to be able to handle the classroom, but so much of it comes down to knowing names.
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  • @blue & white MIDDLE SCHOOL! Oh boy, that's rough to sub. I teach 6th in a middle school- that is the last year of kindness and innocence. Something happens over the summer from 6th to 7th and 7th to 8th that turn them into devils. As far as the names go, I haven't had that problem because I've had all of them in 6th already. I would suggest getting creative, maybe giving them a Hello my name is... sticker as you check them in at the door? Of course you would have to buy those (like teachers buy everything else...) but it would probably be worth it based on how crazy they are!
  • @500days so I've had better experiences in 8th grade than 7th or 6th so far, haha.  I swear it was because the 8th grade teacher I subbed for had awesome classroom management and they knew they weren't getting away with anything if I let her know.  I had a parent volunteer come in to the 6th grade class and tell me that the class was always that horrible.  It was really eye opening - my future students are going to know not to be jerks to subs.  It's a rough life.  I haven't tried young young grades or high school yet, so we will see.  I'm ready to teach, definitely though - subbing is insane
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