Average price for flowers

What the average price spent on flower centerpieces for about 10 tables ?

Re: Average price for flowers

  • I would say the same thing.  Centerpieces can range from $35 for something very simple to over $150 each for tall ones.  I had three different centerpieces and they ranged from $45 to $110 for the high ones.  My florist has a lot of tricks to save you money and some of them don't even involve flowers.  She works with your budget to create centerpieces that are affordable for you.  And she is fine with brides buying their own containers if they're using something standard.  She is also big on DIY projects for brides.  But for 10 low centerpieces I think you could figure on $650 - $700 as an average.  Check out my florist's blog for ideas
  • Girls, Thanks for you answers. Any and all info is very helpful ;)
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