out of town bags

What did/will you put in your out of town bags?

I need some more ideas/options.
So far here's what I have...
Bottled water, that's a given
A pack of red vines -my fav
A snack bag of cheez-its- his fav
A pair of dice/casino played deck of cards - we met in vegas when we lived there
and I'd like to add a souvenir from our wedding location in Long Beach, ca...just not sure what yet

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Re: out of town bags

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    local treats? Things that made in your state or city. Cookies. Muffins or granola bars for a breakfast item. I think you need more food in it ;-9 Also soda or mini wine bottles are nice.
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  • Here's what I have in mine (I have max 15 of them):

    Bottled water

    Pack of Gum (mint)

    Pack of Juicy Fruit

    Sandwich Crackers

    Goldfish Crackers

    Sachet of Advil

    Sachet of antacid

    Grape wine bottle stopper favor

    Silver bookmark with tassel favor

    Mint blue mini rubber spatula favor

    Local cornbread mix

    Fresh baked muffins from local dairy brand

    Small bottle of local honey

    Eye mask for the adult females

    Small bath toy for each family with children (2 kids in each family)

    2 rubber ducks per child

    2 kids books for each family with children (2 kids in each family)

    Block puzzle for each family with child (both families, only one is old enough to play with this)

    Pamphlets, maps and menus of places around the hotel reception site

    Thank you note/card


    I think that's about it. I know it's a bit much but I'm having a smaller wedding and already got the favors on a pretty good sale so I might as well give it out.


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    I'm making door hanger signs and possibly a magnet to add to that list. When I think Long Beach I think sand and surf, even if its not a beach wedding. Sunglasses maybe?


  • I am doing 2 cookies, a map and a thank you note.
  • We are doing small bottles of a locally distilled whiskey, glass bottles of cokes, 2 rocks glasses, bottles of water, chocolates, hang over kits and a guide to the city. Also will have a thank you note in it. Our bags are kind of fancy but 95% of the bags are going to guests who have done international travel to be with us so it's nice to say thanks for that.
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    How much should I spend per bag?  Any ideas?
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