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I was wanting my bridemaids dresses order in April, after I order mine. One of my bridesmaids asked what was the latest they could order dresses for the ceremony. Is April too soon to order their dresses for an October wedding?

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  • Not at all.  My girls ordered theirs in Feb/March for a September wedding.  The bridal shop should be able to give you and your girls a firm date as to when the latest the dresses can be ordered.


  • It depends where. For some designers, 6 months out is really early and makes you look like a control freak; 2 months might be all you need. For others, you might need 6 months.

    Assuming you asked all your BMs their budget before picking the dress, I assume your BM is just asking you that so she doesn't miss the cut off. Did the shop you're getting the dresses from give you an estimate on when the BM dresses should be ordered? Use that as a general guideline (but know that they'll probably tell you earlier than necessary because they want their commissions sooner rather than later).
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    Ask the salon what is the last possible date to order the dress so that they arrive on time. Then tell your BMs that date. I think for most BM dresses, 6 months is really early.
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    It solely depends on where you are getting your dresses from.  I would ask the salon when the latest is that you can order BM dresses and then tell your bridal party that date.

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