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I just want to say THANK YOU

I really just want to send a genuine thank you to people who reply on these boards. I haven't always liked your comments, but I know that's just because the truth can sting. I was just this morning obsessing reflecting, on a situation with one of my BM's and I was reading through some of the discussions other brides had posted. Let me tell you, it was just I needed to read. In my shortsightedness of the moment I forgot that all my BM's truly have to do is buy a dress and show up. I really needed that reminder and I just wanted to say Thanks. I have since been able to cool my jets and I know I am better for it. THANK YOU!

Re: I just want to say THANK YOU

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    I feel the same way. All brides, at one point, make mountains out of molehills. I think it is the way everyone spews that mantra that it is our day and must go perfectly. Weddings are organized chaos. Brides are much happier when they embrace that everything might not go as planned, but all that matters is you are marrying the love of your life, and all of your loved ones will be there to witness it. I needed to change my perspective, at times, and tried to realize the situation from my guests or wedding party's perspective. Constructive criticism, however much it hurts to hear it, helps us grow into the person we should want to become. I am, finally, enjoying the wedding planning, and embracing the imperfection and chaos of it. It is my day, filled with my family and friends. I shouldn't want that to fit in some standard mold. Let the pieces fall where they may... I plan on letting it go and enjoying the day!
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