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Two Wedding Showers?

Ok, so my fiancé and I live in the middle of where his family is and where my family is...if that makes any sense.  We are have the wedding at an equal distance for both families, but still convenient for us.  My family, except for mom and sisters, are not the happy go lucky, party kind of people.  So I feel if I have my sister/maid plan a shower at equal distance, a good majority will not come.  Would it be weird or look like I am greedy if I try to have two wedding showers?  One my sister/maid will have near my hometown, so the family and friends from that area will definitely come.  And then one probably planned by my sort of already sister in law, near his hometown so his side can come.  

Re: Two Wedding Showers?

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    Lots of people have more than one shower.
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • Ya, you can definitely throw two different ones. A lot of people have a family/friends one and then coworkers throw another one. Or like you said, if you have family in two different cities, people will do that. Or have a family/church one and then one with their younger friends.

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    It is pretty common to have more then one shower. You're only responsibility is to let whoever is in charge of planning know the guest list. Besides Mothers and BM's, I would not have any guest overlap. I.E Aunt Madge gets only one invite, inviting the same person to two showers IS gift grabby.

  • I honestly think the two showers are a much more considerate decision.  That way people do not have to travel for the showers and the wedding.  Saves time and money.
  • A relative of mine had same situation. They had their wedding half way between the two families which was still about 45-60 minute drive for either side. So they ended having two showers.  Do to a combined event would have been hard because who do you make drive the distance? So his family threw one near his family & her family threw her one in her hometown. They just coordinated dates with each other so there wouldn't a conflict with that. From my understanding it worked out great (I wasn't invited as I'm a 3rd cousin and well you know how that goes, you have to draw the invite lines somewhere, I just know of the details as the grooms sister is my hairstylist)
  • scribe95 said:
    Of course you can have more than one shower - IF SOMEONE OFFERS TO THROW YOU THEM. It sounds to me like you are planning who will host them which is rude. If someone offers, fine.
    This. My mom and sisters are throwing me one for our family/my friends and FMIL and FSIL are throwing a second one for their family/FI's female friends. Both were offered freely, not requested. The only role I've had in them was helping selecting a date and sending the (non-overlapping) guest lists.

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