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Re: Weekend!!!!!

  • @hummingbird125 - The dinner party has been rerouted to my apartment in JC. You can bring the mini cheesecakes with you around 7, thanks. 


    See you guys at 7pm, hope you made enough cheesecakes for everyone!!!!

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  • Tonight is football practice and driving up to bfs moms house. We have a game tomorrow like, ten minutes from her house, so we are going up tonight.

    Tomorrow is football games and such. Not sure if we are driving home tomorrow or Sunday.

    Sunday bf is playing golf, we have to grocery shop, laundry an walking dead.
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    I am getting siiiick again. The medication I'm on is life-saving but I wish it didn't make me super tired and extra prone to getting acute illnesses. I'm exhausted today, but I'm going to try to clean up the apartment and make runs to CVS, Whole Foods, and the liquor store.

    Tomorrow, J is hanging out with his brother, and then we're going to my cousin's birthday party. I'm really excited because my brother and his girlfriend will be there, and his girlfriend is bringing her daughter. When my brother was with my ex-SIL, one of the strains on their marriage was that she found our family overwhelming and didn't want to come to family stuff, so my brother would rarely come to family get-togethers (especially ones that were spur-of-the-moment and not major life events or holidays). So the fact that he replied within 24 hours of the invitation saying he was going to be there was pretty awesome.

    Plus, I get to meet his girlfriend's daughter! She sounds like the funniest kid (she's 7) and my brother adores her.

    Sunday is rest-and-relaxation day because we both really need it.
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    Cheesecake Update: They came out perfect and I went to TJ's and bought salted caramel sauce and blackberries (to make a blackberry sauce). I came straight home, topped one with a spoonful of caramel, and promptly performed some quality-testing. It passed (with flying colors), but I MAY need to also "test" a blackberry one, just to be sure, you know.
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  • @hummingbird125- OMG those sound soo good! I'm really jealous, I want to leave work ASAP!
  • @hummingbird125 - I can't even.  SO JEALOUS.  need cheesecake in my life, right now!
  • Yay! TK let me log in! 

    It's storming here in Southern California.  I am so excited that we actually are having rain because we needed it so badly.  Now if it would just continue for another couple days, I would be even happier.  We haven't had a good rain here since 2011 I think.

    My weekend started off with not a lot of fun.  BF woke me up this morning because he could barely move.  He has neck pain every so often but today it was nearly unmanageable.  I helped him with as much as I could, but he is still in agonizing pain. His shoulders are visibly uneven and the tissue around the bottom cervical vertebrae and top thoracic vertebrae is all swollen. I feel bad for the poor man.  I plan to go to the mall while he's at work, but other than that no plans for today.

    I'm excited for Saturday because it's my first shift as a shift supervisor that is completely mine and mine alone.  There's no other MOD for most of my shift so I'm just hoping everything operates smoothly.  

    There's nothing exciting for Sunday except for I'm closing MOD along with another shift supervisor who is doing inventory (and I am SO HAPPY to not be doing end-of-the-month inventory) and our GM.  It's gonna be another shift of too many cooks spoil the broth and that irritates me.
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