Refferals/ideas needed!!! Estes park, Colorado wedding

Hello everyone!

I live in Arizona and am planning my wedding in Estes Park, Colorado. My hubby is in the Air Force and i'm a student so we have a tight budget. I am looking for a good and affordable florist, or way of doing flowers. Also the same for photography, DJ, hairstylist, MUA. Any ideas, or refferals would be highly apreciated!!! I'm pretty much open to anything!  Thanks in advance!! 

Re: Refferals/ideas needed!!! Estes park, Colorado wedding

  • Hi,
    Estes is eager for business after the flood - we are having ours in Boulder but had great affordable offers from Estes area businesses - just give them a call!  Lyons is also eager for business and making great offers.
  • Captivate by Aleigha  will do hair and make up.  She is knowledgeable.  She won TK awards 2 years in a row and is a huge sweetheart!

    She's fantastic and will travel to you on the day of.
  • I got married in Estes and have some great recommendations:

    for hair Jeanice Prohs at Pati's hair care (she will come to your venue)

    florist: Kim and Company (everyone raved about my flowers especially my center pieces) she is very reasonable as well.

    cater: jubilations catering-my guests loved the food and they worked around all of the allergies from dairy, glutten, nuts, seeds...they also own a bed and breakfast called bristole cone where  our rehearsal dinner was at and we used their rooms for a few nights. They also host small but beautiful weddings there as well. My friend got married their this christmas time in a small intmate wedding.

    makeup artist: Cassandra with Pink Lashes

    photographer: Gathering Light (did our wedding and was unlimited time and 2 photographers) or Yellow Paddle (did engagement but photographer was already booked for wedding date).

    Cake-I used Safeway for grooms cake and it turned out wonderful (camo hunting cake) my friend used them for wedding and it was simple but beautiful and yummy. My cake place went out of business since the owner moved away.

    DJ- a friend did ours for us as a wedding gift.

    I really wanted string music for the ceremony and contacted the local colleges in the area CU, CSU and for $400 got two grad students from CU to do my music for the ceremony and cocktail hour.

    My advice is do not be afraid to look outside of Estes (I am all for supporting the local community) and boulder to Loveland. fort collins and Denver. I got a few better deals from photographer, makeup, and cake by doing so and am happy I went with who I did. I would call around and see what you can get. Hope my suggestions help and let me know if you need anything else. Estes is a beautiful place to get married!!!
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to give me all that information!
    I am really considering doing my own flowers. Have you ever known anyone that ordered their flowers from costco wholesale or wholesale flowers online?
  • Thank you! I will be using her! Did she do your wedding?
  • Estes is so beautiful. Your pictures are going to be fantastic. 
    Have you considered going with a basic wedding planner to make sure all of the vendors and everything is in place? I just did that for someone that was planning a wedding out of state - it can be chaotic! 

    If you really need to save $, look into crafty things like paper flowers. I did that for my wedding. Cost me about $150 total for ALL of the supplies. I was quoted around $1500 for centerpieces, bouquets for 7 bridesmaids, etc etc. So it saved a lot of money. 

    If not, I had a friend who got her flowers wholesale the morning of. She ended up being the one to actually put together the bouquets and they didn't quite come out the way she wanted, but she was happy overall. It did take at least an hour to an hour and a half out of her morning prep. This could be given to someone else to do, of course, but it depends on how hands-on you want to be. 

    Hope that helps!
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  • All the vendors I listed did my wedding
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