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What are you working on?

Five months till August. Any projects going on or details you are working out? 

I'm DIYing a lot of stuff so I'm getting nervous. Currently obsessing about my flowers that I can't start for another month or so. I'm starting my dress today. I need to schedule a cake tasting and make sure my bridesmaids order their dresses. FI is in charge of DJ and Photog so I'm nervously trusting him to that.He has already scheduled them but I don't know anything about the DJ.

I still feel like its so far away but I put a ticker up today and realized its a lot closer than I thought!
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Re: What are you working on?

  • We just ordered my bridesmaids/maid of honor dresses today. I have so much to do right now that I can't even think straight. I just paid off the officiant and we are fixing to pay off the venue completely. Now I need to get down to finding a photographer, ordering our cake and a lot of things. 
  • Had our first florist meeting, and just bought wedding rings! I heard you should look for rings way in advance like now, but we went to the same jeweler as where he got my engagement ring and it was a really easy quick decision and we walked out with them already. We booked a caterer but need to make menu choices, figure out groomsmen and groom outfits, and book a honeymoon next.
  • Right now I'm trying to find a time to get together with my bridesmaids (not so easy when MOH lives out of state) and decide on bridesmaid dresses. We booked the honeymoon, but not the plane ticket yet. We also need to try more samples from our caterer and book a ceremony musician...then there's picking out invitations and registry items...I didn't do much all of February and now I feel really behind :/
  • Cupcake lady is tomorrow, photographer is next week, Catering tasting in 3 weeks.  Flowers have arrived (I'm using real touch), DJ is booked about halfway through picking songs, Finished the DIY wine glass charms, bought my veil, still have to figure out seating chart but have a pretty good idea for most of them, so what have we NOT begun?
    Oh yeah.. I have to buy a dress.  LOL... actually my appointment is 3/29 but everyone I tell thinks it's odd that I haven't bought the dress yet.  I do tend to do things a little backwards sometimes. LOL
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  • I'm trying to set up a cake testing. I have a florist appointment tomorrow and I am waiting to hear back from a bakery for the cake. I still need to find shoes and jewelry for the wedding party and myself. I also went shopping for centerpiece stuff but came home empty handed. 
  • MIL is taking care of finding a photog, my aunt is doing the centerpieces, I found a DJ, we have a cake tasting scheduled for April, I'm going to Costco my flowers, and I already ordered my dress. I have ordered shoes, and I'm letting my bridesmaid wear whatever black dress she wants. The last thing is really to figure out what the men are wearing, but I'm leaving that to FI. We have our invitations picked out but need to order. I'm actually feeling right on schedule! 
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  • I'm also DIYing almost everything.  Finished the girls bouquets last night except for wrapping the handles (complete with pinwheels I made with pearl centers).  Also I'm finished all the bouts (6 GM, FI, and both our dads, neither of us have any grandfathers still alive) and halfway done the wrist corsages (both moms and both grandmothers).  Gotta buy some more flowers/ filler for our centerpieces, but I have them figured out.

    I'm going to ask my girls today if anyone has their dress other than my MOH, and I'm working on figuring out each WP member's gifts.  None of the guys have given us the $ for their suits yet except for my brother, so we're waiting to order those.

    Booked our photographer the other day after I got our $1600 package for only $320!  Currently waiting to hear from the church and caterer.  Still need to plan a trip back home to do tastings for food and cake and also do our engagement photo session.  FI is about to book the hotel block for our guests and research photobooths.

    Really the only big things we're worried about are the church and the caterer.  We're patiently waiting for responses from both.

  • Less than 6 months! It's so exciting and so nerve-wracking when I think of everything I still need to do! Last weekend we got A LOT done. Picked out bridesmaid dresses and tuxes. We booked our flights for the honeymoon this week, and we're trying to decide on wedding cake flavors now. Later this month we're meeting with florists to decide on all of that stuff! 

    I still need to figure out shoes and jewelery for the bridesmaids and bridal party gifts! And then there's the centerpieces, invitations, picking the menu, and picking out songs for the DJ. It's going to be here before we know it! I can't wait! :)
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