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What is a fair price for an backyard wedding venue?

I know that it really depends on your ideal venue and your specific needs, but what is a price you would consider fair for a backyard wedding venue? The specific venue in question is a large estate and they can also provide planning, coordination, florals and decor. 

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Re: What is a fair price for an backyard wedding venue?

  • That doesn't sound like a backyard wedding; that sounds like an estate wedding. They're pretty different. For example, my backyard wedding venue was free, because it was my in-laws' backyard! For what you're talking, I've seen them start at $5,000 just for the location rental, but I don't know where you are or how grand the venue is.
  • Right, I suppose it is less of a backyard wedding, and more of a private residence that hosts lots of weddings each year. I'm in Orange County, CA. 

  • I would really depend on what they are going to include.  If they are including decor and flowers, it's going to go up.  Are they including chairs, tables?    I think it can range anywhere from $500.00 to $10,000.00 depending on what is included, location and number of guests.
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    Yeah, it's hard to come up with a figure without knowing more about it. I am getting married at a place that's kind of similar sounding, and they have $750 in rental fees and a $6500 food/beverage minimum for the reception area I want. Another place I looked at is $10,000 but that is including food, decor, coordinating, and some other things- not booze though, so not very affordable IMO. 

    I was kind of wondering this too, for a real backyard. I was thinking of trying to find someone pretty much with a big field to let me have a wedding on it. But I kind of figured by the time I gave them a fair price and rented a tent, chairs, etc that it would actually be really expensive. 

    I've looked at parks that range from $500-$700, not too bad, but then you have to rent chairs for $3.50+ each, and then you have to pay the rental company for setup fees... there's just a lot to factor in. 
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    We're doing a small backyard wedding on Flathead Lake in Montana. We ended up having to rent a house for the week to do so, which cost about 5k. We'll obviously be staying there, along with my parents & sister's fam, so it's double dipping as venue AND lodging, which I think is a smokin' deal.
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    I live in Southern CA, too, OP and I think you'll find a wide range in prices. Estate weddings in my area run $10,000 - $25,000 just to rent the space from what I found. Granted, we didn't look into that option for very long since we had a total budget of about $30,000 so it wasn't do-able for us. There were a few that I would not consider "estates" that were closer to the $5,000 - $7,000 range for the space alone. Hopefully others can chime in with other budget friendly opinions if that is out of your budget.
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