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Mini bridezilla rant

HaileyDancingbearHaileyDancingbear Arkham Asylum member
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I'm only a few episodes into what's on netflix, this is my guilty pleasure for when I'm bored and want background noise when I sew.  But something has really been pissing me off- other than the brides.  The narrator keeps making fat jokes about one of the bridezillas, and they're really mean-spirited.  So far she's been compared to a cow, her and her FI are the "Large" couple, she went to a spa and they said something along the lines of "She'd be more pleased if they brought her bacon grease" saying she "Just squeezed into the chair" and "Couldn't pass up an opportunity to eat" It's reaching the point where I'm more frustrated by the writers than the bride.

The way I see it, the bride is choosing to behave the way she is, so yes, make fun of her ridiculous behavior all you want.  And this girl is absolutely nuts, it's not like there isn't enough material for them to work with.  But picking on girls for their bodies, that just doesn't sit well with me- Unless you are a doctor, and her weight is causing her health problems, you have no place commenting on her size. How about you get back to commenting on her rudeness and quit trying to tell me that larger women can't be attractive, asshole?

Rant over.
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Re: Mini bridezilla rant

  • hellohkbhellohkb mod
    Moderator 2500 Comments 500 Love Its Third Anniversary
    edited March 2014
    I absolutely agree. Negative body shaming comments always piss me off.... Even if they ARE atrocious bridezillas who want a cash bar, honeymoon registry, dollar dance, and want their bridesmaids mooning the camera for their wedding photos (*shiver* I'm trying to think of the worst bride in the universe).

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  • HaileyDancingbearHaileyDancingbear Arkham Asylum member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments First Anniversary Name Dropper
    I think what is really bothering me about this is that when a bridezilla says/does something ridiculous, that's just that one person being ridiculous, and they may even just be exaggerating for attention.  But all those nasty comments, someone had to write (And was probably working with other writers on this) someone had to look over that and approve it, someone had to record that, edit it into the show, then the episode had to be approved then aired etc.

    With the fat comments, there is a whole bunch of different people approving this and saying it's ok to air, and at no step in this process did anyone say "You know what, maybe perpetuating this idea that larger women can't be pretty is really toxic and causing a lot of damage to the self-esteem of many women, and this is incredibly mean, so maybe we shouldn't say this about the bride" nope, shaming women for their size is absolutely ok, because fuck accepting that beauty is subjective and not defined by size.  We get to choose who is pretty and who isn't.
  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I remember that episode and was thinking the same thing. The commentary is just as trashy as the 'zillas. I never missed an episode of that show in all the years it was on. /sigh I am a sucker for trash TV.
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville Chicago member
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    I stopped watching "Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss" for the same reasons. Perhaps the title should have been a dead give-away, but I thought it would be a nice way to showcase plus-sized dresses and some of the concerns plus-sized brides have. 

    Nope. The narration was AWFUL. They would say things like, "Amy has an extra-large problem," and, "Sarah has a BIG decision to make," in this horrible, nudge-nudge wink-wink tone. I got pissed and stopped watching it.

  • Yet, then they would showcase in many of the 'Zilla episodes how awful the bride was being when she expected bridesmaids to lose weight or when she would make fun of a bridesmaid's size.  I just found it ironic they would blast out a bride for that behavior (and rightly so), but then do the same things themselves.
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  • Amen! I have noticed that on BZ. The narrators can be huge jerks. Not that the brides aren't, but seriously??
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  • HaileyDancingbearHaileyDancingbear Arkham Asylum member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments First Anniversary Name Dropper
    @Emmy1493 That Gif is absolutely wonderful.  
  • @Emmy1493 That Gif is absolutely wonderful.  

    THank you! I am going through my Pokemon stage again haha. Can't help it, just a Pokenerd, here. ^_^
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  • I think the writers/narrator/whatever are so much worse because they are essentially bitchy trolling strangers.
    I say this because I recently spoke to a girl who was on Say Yes to the Dress, and in her episode her family and friends ruthlessly grilled her about her weight. (And yes, the "BIG problem" puns were everywhere.) She wasn't even a big girl, maybe a size 10; she actually thought they brought her smaller samples for added drama. While shouldn't surprise me, I sort of thought that sales would be their top priority having been a luxury good salesperson in a past life. I mean, "bridal bliss" BS isn't always good for ratings, but isn't it good for their business? Anyway, she said that she was the one that was making all the fat jokes because that's how she is with her loved ones, and the edit showed the family/BMs laughing at her jokes and saying "hahaha...'beluga whale'...no thanks!..."
    I'm guessing that Bridezillas is not only severely edited (okay not guessing), but that the brides are baited to act like crazy people and are also people that KNOWINGLY sign up to act like crazy people. But maybe it's not hard to flip your sh-t when you're insanely stressed and surrounded by invasive strangers.
    Yes, most Bridezillas say things that would never leave my mouth, but I also don't have 4 cameramen and 3 grips following me around when I find out that my caterer cancelled on me last-minute or my matron of honor isn't showing up to my nationally televised bachelorette party. Okay, I still wouldn't tell my sister she's fat. Ever.
    But still...these producers that watch the footage to death, orchestrate these painful situations, and write narrations to humiliate everyone involved? Yeah, they're the terrible human beings.
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