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How to improvise in this situation?

So I have a condition that causes me to faint if I stand still for too long. For this reason, we are planning on a 10 to 15 minute ceremony, 15 being the absolute max. Sometimes I do great when I have to stand for awhile and other times it hits me very quickly, so we are going to have a chair nearby in case I do need to sit (I have some standard warning signs, so it's not an instantaneous fainting event). But I feel like if I'm just in a chair and FI isn't it will look odd during the ceremony and in the photographs. Does anyone have any suggestions that would be prettier and not as alarming if I were to sit all of a sudden? My side is well aware of my condition but most of his side isn't. We've tossed the idea around of kneeling so it looks more natural. I'd really like to try standing versus starting out sitting or kneeling. We've also discussed maybe having a "signal" for our Pastor to speed it up a bit if need be. Have you all seen something like this done in weddings you've been to?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!
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Re: How to improvise in this situation?

  • I've been to a couple of Catholic weddings that included a full Mass and the bride and groom (as well as the wedding party) sit for a portion of the wedding because it is so long.  There are chairs set up to one side of the alter and that is where they are for the sermon.  They do said for the vows and the exchanging of the rings.  Maybe you could adapt that to fit your wedding.  It might not be a bad idea to just plan to sit for part of the ceremony.  It will look more natural and probably be easier on you.  No matter what it's a long day and you could find yourself standing more than you planned on.  
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  • What about using a cute bench? You could upholster it in a fabric that matches your colors or style. When you need to sit, FI should sit, too.  

    Just a thought: Have you considered reading your vows to each other privately before the ceremony? I know it's a little untraditional, but I know people who don't like to be the center of attention do it in order to keep the ceremony shorter. 
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    We sat for pretty much our entire ceremony, except when we stood to say our vows and sign our marriage certificate. I know you said you'd really prefer not to do that, but it'd be better than having to rush your ceremony, or worse, fainting! 

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    You could both sit through the entire thing, as PPs have suggested.  
    Pictures for inspiration/to help you picture it:
    imageOutdoor-summer-weddingBride and Groom Seated Ceremony
    Ceremony fullAlter 2
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  • These are some great suggestions! Thanks so much ladies!!!

    doeydo - thanks for attaching all those pics!
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  • Do you have vasovegal too?
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  • @Gina0887 - Yep sure do. Struggled with it for a few years before a doctor figured it out. I kept getting the whole "don't lock your knees" talk, but I knew that had nothing to do with it since I was doing that. They finally figured it out when it became a weekly occurrence. But luckily I now go weeks without an episode, here's to hoping the wedding falls during a dry spell!

    My MOH has a somewhat similar but way more serious condition and it requires that she have a service dog. We are curious to see if the dog will react to me as well if I were to have an episode.
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  • Great pictures!

    I would have a seat for both you and FI and work out a few planned moments where you will sit, then it will become part of your ceremony. 
  • I have vas overall too, but I work in cardiac so my cardiologist has told me to up my sodium intake and lots more water. It's helped tremendously. I haven't had but 1 episode since!
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  • I have vasovagal too, and have seen ceremonies where a member of the WP did pass out! Far better to plan on sitting for all involved. Less alarming and less chance of an injury. I know that sometimes my warning signs are 60 seconds out and sometimes they are only 10 seconds out and I usually panic about where to find a chair. Maybe even have your WP sit too, then it won't look out of place if you are worried about that. 
  • I vagal at random times, as well. Sadly, I have little to no warning. =/ My cardiologist also said to load up on sodium and water to prevent episodes. Strangely, he wasn't that sympathetic when I told him I'd be a bloated mess and wouldn't be able to fit into my dress! lol. Good luck to you!
  • What about a cute decorated stool for you and FI could stand slightly behind you?
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