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Boudoir Shoot

 I've seen this floating on FB just wanted to pass it along, Seems like fun, Ive never done photos like this before. I'm nervous about getting into my skivvies in front of someone else. Any advice?

Re: Boudoir Shoot

  • Meet with the photographer before and make sure you click and are comfortable enough with her/him. Also ask if you can bring someone along (someone you don't care seeing you like this) that can help with nerves and lightening the mood. I've been with my sister and it was actually a good time, we had a bottle of wine to help but we love our photographer and clicked with her when we met her 4 years ago. Now she does our pics for everything. But we clicked the first time we met which makes it so much easier especially with those kinda photos
  • I did a boudoir shoot for our anniversary in November. Best experience EVER. So fun - even just to do for yourself. Check out Blush Boudoir in Dayton -Tracy is AMAZING, can't say enough good things about my experience there. Gave my then-boyfriend a book of pics on our anniversary, got engaged less than a month later ... Just saying :-)
  • I had a boudoir shoot and it was surprisingly comfortable but I would NOT recommend the girl I went with. Photography Inspired by TLC. It was through a Groupon deal and even though she was friendly she did not touch up the pictures and didn't hold up her end of the deal so instead of getting 20 images... she gave me WATERMARKED images that weren't even editted.

    During the shoot she was like "oh don't worry about your hair or your body imperfections (and I'm not overweight by the way) those will be touched up. And then I got them and I'm like... um excuse me? Showed them to my other photographer friends and they confirmed that she didn't touch up any stray hairs or imperfections.

    She was not skilled and shot a million photos and kept trying to make me laugh so then the photos turned out awkward and not sexy.

    Sorry to vent, but it was a bad experience lol.

    But as for the nerves, you get over it and a great photographer will make you feel comfortable :)

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    The best boudoir photographer hands-down is Tine Hoffmann at TL Photography.  Most photographers I've talked to know her work.  My wedding photographer even called her the best boudoir photographer in town.

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