Father daughter song - Texas country ?

Im looking for a country song for my father daughter dance,one that not everyone knows about . . . I am very close with my daddy and also my step dad so trying to find a good unique song that isnt one of the ten cliche ones everyone uses.

i loved her first is my default but any other ideas ? Texas country would be great! 

Re: Father daughter song - Texas country ?

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    Trace Adkins - Then They Do

    It's somewhat popular now, but it's not one of the top cliche songs as far as I know.

  • M FI and I will be dancing to Randy Rogers "one woman" for our first dance. Probably not appropriate for father-daughter, but there is also Aaron Watson "next to heaven" and Honeybrowne's "texas angel"
  • My little girl by Tim McGraw, Stealing Cinderella by Chuck Wicks
  • Dance Baby Dance by Chris Cagle or Tough Little Boys by Gary Allan! :)

    I do love My Little Girl by Tim McGraw but if you're looking to avoid one that is really common, I would pass on that one.
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  • I am using I loved her first. but that is really popular how about  'Daddy’s Little Girl' Kippi Brannon 
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  • She Thinks We're Just Fishin' isn't too sappy.
  • Im using Tough Little Boys by Gary Allan
  • My dad and I might use Kevin Fowler's "Daddies and Daughters"
  • rope the moon- john michael montgomery its a really nice old country song from the 90s about a dad whos little girl looks up to him.

    some lyrics from rope the moon-

    i dont have a lot to show
    for the these years of hard work
    if you look at what i own,
    still shes always telling me
    to hold on to my dreams
    even when my hope is gone
    some may say that dreaming's just for fools
    and these are times i thought that might be true

    but she thinks i can rope the moon
    in her eyes there is nothing i cant do
    when i think its out of reach
    she the reason i still try
    but she thinks i can rope the moon

    daddy's angel t carter-
     im giving you away
    but im not letting go
    the memories they flood my mind
    of the little girl i knew
    Once upon a time You held my hand so tight
    You'd close your eyes and say a prayer Then I'd kiss your head goodnight
    As we dance I keep our love deep within my heart
    And thank God for giving me this angel in my arms...
    You're my little angel So baby don't you cry
    It's time to spread your wings and fly
     If there's one thing this father knows
    The hardest part is letting go
    But you will still always be...
    Daddy's little angel

    steeling cinderella chuck wicks- i came to see her daddy
    for sit down man to man
    it wasnt any secret
    id be asking for her hand
    i guess thats why he left me waiting
    in the living room by myself
    with at least a dozen pictures of her
    sitting on a shelf

    playing cinderella she was riding her first bike
    bouncing on the bed and looking for a pillow fight
    runing through the sprinkler
    with a big popsicle grin
    dancing with her daddy
    looking up at him

    in her eyes im prince charming
    but to him im just some fella
    riding in and steeling cinderella

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