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Wedding nightmares

OH MY.  I had a couple wedding nightmares the last couple of nights.  Over the weekend, I had a nightmare that I was in a rented gown, my flowers showed up 1/2 way through my ceremony, guests were showing up in sweats and jeans, 2 feet of snow fell during my ceremony, and my actual dress had a huge tear in it from my mom getting it caught in the car door.  AGH!!  Last nights nightmare was a little more 'subdued.'  My hair started falling out at the hair dresser and they had to 'glue' it back on my head.  WTF?! That freaked me out a little bit...especially after I took my shower and I saw how much hair was on the comb and brush!  Thankfully it's normal hair loss and not stress clumps!!!!

Hopefully tonight and the rest of the week goes better.  5 Days!!!

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