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Gateway Fleet?

Has anyone held a reception on the gateway clippers? I'm curious about the costs and your experiences. My fiancee and I had to put a hiatus on wedding planning for a while because of his business, and now I'm feeling totally lost. We are back to square one, and I feel like we don't have a lot of time. We aren't trying to spend a ton of money on it either, which makes it even more difficult! Thanks in advance!

Re: Gateway Fleet?

  • I can't completely help you out, but we did think about it for our rehearsal dinner and the prices were actually very good. 
  • If you do a search on the Pittsburgh board you should find some old threads talking about using the Clipper for your wedding.  I remember reading one where someone brought up a good point.  They said to consider that people may not be able to get off the boat early.  I had some older people that didn't stay for my entire reception and if it was on the Clipper I don't know if they would have been able to leave earlier.
  • Right - that was one of our concerns with rehearsal dinner (did we really want people trapped on a boat). The other (just to consider) is the possibility of people getting nauseous or boatsick. 
  • I am having my wedding/reception on the Princess in September and I am extremely excited about it. When you consider all that comes with the package, it really is extremely affordable, plus you get a wedding planner to help you out with everything. Joanna (my wedding planner) has been fantastic and always ready to answer my million questions each day. Plus, if you book a Friday or a Sunday date, there is a discount available. 

    As for being "stuck on the boat", you can schedule periodic stops to dock so people can get on/off the boat.

    From my experience so far, I would highly recommend holding your reception on one of the Clipper's boats.
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