anyone else get a call from bridal show

from nutrichef? Offering a bunch of free stuff?
I don't remember their booth and I looked them up as vendors at Columbus bridal expo and didn't see them.

Re: anyone else get a call from bridal show

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    Was it a 608 number? They have called me a few times but I haven't picked up.
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  • I haven't gotten a call (I didn't register for the free stuff)  but on the first row we went down (right side) there was a booth with knives and pots and pans?  Maybe that was Nutrichef?  
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  • @donethat i don't recall registering for them.
    I registered specifically- invisalign and photobooth services
  • Hmmm - fishy .... I do know they aren't supposed to "share" names with other vendors.  It might be worth a call to the show sponsors to question/complain if you have time and you think something's up.  
  • I didn't get a call. I didnt see them there either

  • I also got a few phone calls from them and finally called them back to see what it was about. It sounds like they picked some couples to attend this cooking show/showcase of kitchen products like knives and cookware. What is fishy about it all, is if you attend then you automatically get a 4 day 3 night all inclusive vacation to a list of places in either Mexico, Punta Cana or Costa Rica. It even offered some places in the United States as well. I believe it came with a few other "prizes" as they say while attending the show, and there is no obligation to spend any money while there. It seems way to good to be true to me. And while speaking with the girl over the phone, it sounded like she was reading off of a script and repeated things word for word exactly. 
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    When you go to those types of shows, people REALLY put the pressure on you to buy something!
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  • @vicandchris did you decide to go? yeah she spoke super fast.

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    I'd say it will be high pressure sales situation and you will likely end up buying pots you don't want…
    I found this tho:
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  • I called the bridal show
     they are actually simplicity gourmet doing business under a specific name. They get names and numbers from events as well as buying info from bridal shops etc. high pressure sales, which I would not fall for, I don't even want to register for pots and pans let alone purchase them. I read about them and the trip is hit or miss. you end up paying a deposit and get a lot of black out dates and experation
  • Dinner4two? I had been to a couple bridal shows and they had a polka dot bag with a pot holder in it as a freebie. You can get an apron and a champagne toast set if you attend but I never called them back since I read that it is easy to get sucked into honeymoon sales and hotel etc.
  • I went to the dinner 4 two one yesterday becuase I knew I wanted the free wedding bands. (Shipping is $25 per band- but my fiance needs one and I wouldn't mind a back up ring)  I'm going to the nutrichef USA one tonight. There's no way in hell I'd spend $2000+ on pots and pans but I will listen and get my freebies! There sales pitches won't work on me. The pots are really nice- but not something we can afford.
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  • Tiffany101015 - how did it go? I registered for the show tomorrow in Buffalo, but I'm trying to decide if it's really worth it. Thanks!
  • I got a call from them on Sunday saying all of the same stuff. I am suppose to go to a show with my fiance and we supposedly won a vacation. They told me the price of the vacation package including one of their knifes was $700 in value. Yet I looked at one of the hotels in Costa Rica and the lowest price was $350 a night. So for three nights it was over $1,000. No where close to $700 in value. 
  • Tiffany101015- I'm also interested in how the show went.  I took the call, barely could believe anything they told me, but registered for the show here in Buffalo just in case.  If nothing else, I get a free knife right?  But seriously, how was it?
  • Any new updates on this? I also got a call and haven't decided if it will be worth my trouble. If there is a deposit involved with blackout dates I dont even want to bother going. I know you cant get something for nothing, but at least I wont waste my time if I dont go!
  • I just got back from one in Louisville. My lady was completely informational and didn't really expect us to buy. She told us she knew we were there specifically for the free trip. All you pay for in the free trip is taxes. (you have to pay taxes on anything that is free.) And you are expected to pay your own airfare. Other than that it is FREE. Drinks, activities, food, lodging. It was nice. We ended up buying pans but its because I wanted them and I am spoiled. :) Hope that helps you guys!
  • P.S. there is no deposit or black out dates. You choose when you want to go and just call them and tell them. Also, you pay shipping for the knife ($10). Unless you buy something and then you just add it to your order and pay nothing.
    P.S.S. Even if you don't think you can afford it, they offer a payment plan with $0 down. If you decide to buy, you are eligible for a registry and people can help you pay them off as bridal shower gifts or wedding gifts. 
  • Welp, I'm glad I listened to what they had to say too when they called me! I just left a nutrichef meeting in Charlotte. They had a wonderful presentation and great stuff. I got a free vacation and a free coupon book. We are going to costa rica and all we have to pay for are taxes and airfare.
  • I also appreciate the info! Just spoke to someone from there and I suppose it wouldn't hurt to go to the show.
  • We went to a bridal show in Shreveport, LA and got called by NutriChef.  (We live in LA but our wedding will be in Columbus.)  We decided to go to the presentation just to check it out.  The guy doing the presentation was really funny and didn't pressure us at all.  The funny part is that by the end of the presentation my FI was totally convinced that we should buy the pans--sales pitch definitely worked on him!  I had to talk him out of it, lol.  So yeah they gave us vouchers for all this free stuff.  

    Once I got home I did a lot more research.  I couldn't find any reviews for NutriChef pots and pans other than what was on their website...so I found that a little sketchy.  I also talked to my sister and her BF who are both graduates of the Culinary Institute of America in NY, and they both said they'd never heard of the company.  They also said that copper pots and pans are the way to go if you're in the market for such things.  (Which the presenter compared their NutriChef pots to all sorts of things--cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel--but he didn't once mention copper.)  I read a lot about other people who had attended the presentation and gone through a lot of hassle for the 'free' vacation.  Things like having to pick different dates and then the company kept calling them to say that the dates were already booked up, etc.  So I don't know, we just haven't done anything with it.  I would like to hear if anyone actually goes on the vacation and how it is.  But I'm sort of prone to believe that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • My fiance and I went to a NutriChef demonstration yesterday.  We had been getting phone calls and when I read up about the program, I couldn't find anything stating it was a scam so we decided to try it out.  The sales lady was funny and very nice and not pushy.  The products are awesome, but expensive.  We ended up buying a small item and also walked away with a free knife, a coupon book that has amazing deals on it, a free photo album with an order form for free pictures and a voucher for a 4 day, 3 night trip to one of many locations (we get to pick).  All in all, not too bad for an hour and a half of hanging out and laughing.  Hopefully the trip will be nice.  We are going to save it for a one-year anniversary trip next summer since we already have our honeymoon booked for this year. 

    This was all in San Antonio, TX.

  • @KnotPortia - is it just me, or does this local post, with comments about funny and nice sales people in Houston Texas seem a little vendory?  Again, maybe it's just me......

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    @donethat  it is @KnotPorscha :)

    Also, why would someone from San Antonio post on the Columbus board?
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  • Thanks @AprilH81 ^ !    (I barely got anything right above re: name & city :-)    This thread has been bugging me for a while ....
  • Hi @donethat...looking into it now! Thanks :)

  • I'd like to know more about this. We attended a wedding expo today in southern New Jersey and Nutrichef was there. They just called to say we won their promo package with the free vacation, a free (small) knife, coupons, etc. You have to attend one of their demo shows to collect your prize and they are VERY limited as to where and when they have their shows. Some internet sites are calling it a high pressure sales pitch and you have to pay deposits, can only book thirty days out, and have to pay more to actually get the "all inclusive" package. I know I'm responding under the Columbus, OH thread, but that's because it's the more recent thread on here. ANY info or reviews anymore might have before my fiance and I drive two and half hours into PA for a one hour demo to get our free vacay would be HUGELY appreciated.
  • @jamiejoyce it's not worth it i would skip it altogether. They aren't the only company pulling this either. Basically you go and they do a "demo" of their cookware products then they take each couple aside and basically high pressure sell you.If you buy they hand you a pamphlet and the cok ware sucks. If you don't buy they still hand you a pamphlet that says you have to choose 3 destinations because your first and second choices may or may not be available...basically the trip isn't worth the hassle...
  • Can i just say there have been several posts all over these boards about these sales pitchy come to the show get whatever free and they are all brides super pissed that they fell for the "it's to good to be true" pitches. They are all upset because the trip/wedding bands/ toasting flutes/whatever free item really sucked. They were told in order to get an upgraded vacation or to get the free item they went for wouldn't be given to them without buying a pot or something and/or they had to pay shipping for rings or toasting flutes you could have purchased elsewhere for cheaper (like walmart). The ones who feel for and purchased the cookware all are disappointed and their "lifetime guarantees" are fake they do everything they can to not honor that guarantee. The trip is to good to be true you get a pamphlet and told you have to pick 3 destinations and 3 dates only to get calls saying you can't go to x place at y time pick again. If you do finally get the date and local you pay taxes, airfair, and deposites. The activities they say are all inclusive are limited to those at the resort...so no jet skiing or anything fancy.

    I just don't understand why brides get caught up in these tricks. All the reviews by brides on here and they still get pulled in. It's all the same come to our show for something free but it's actually not something that is worth and hour ofyour life.

    I also attended one for babytendee once for a free photo session...they handed me coupons like you find in the Sunday newspaper for a Walmart photo session...and your prints were free. They were selling high chairs and cribs for a rediculous price(think like $250 for a high chair)..i later found a babytendee high chair at once upon a child for $25 with the activity plates that you had to pay extra for...lol these things blow my mind.
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