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Re: Weekend?

  • TGIF! This week went fast but it was BUSY!

    It makes me feel like a loser, but I am so excited for this introverted Friday night. I just got home from a hellish shift at work, so here's to a shower, dinner, and relaxing.

    Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend of mine for a walk around the lake near us. I haven't seen him since I started nursing school and I am so. excited. That's in the morning, then in the evening some friends and I are going to Naughty Bingo at the pole studio I go to. I'm not entirely sure what's involved in that, so I'm sure it will be fascinating!

    Sunday I'm going with my best friends to see one girl's sister's high school play - she got the lead! They generally do pretty awesome shows at her school, so it'll be fun. Afterward we're having a family dinner to celebrate basically all the birthdays for the year since my mom, brothers, and I are all within a couple months of each other. Apparently we're all old enough that individual celebrations are unnecessary. I mean, I'm not complaining. Ain't nobody got time for that anyway.
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