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Has anyone had or been to a wedding where the food was tapas style?

We are planning on serving our food tapas style for our reception. We have 170 guests and we will be doing 2 passed apps during cocktail hr and everyone has a plated salad. The tapas are just small plates (3-4) bites per plate set up on different tables. We have 2 types of chicken, 2 pastas, 2 beef & 4 seafoods. I know it will be more than enough food for everyone and I LOVE that there are so many options. I have never been to a wedding like this so I'm just a little nervous how it will play out.

Re: Has anyone had or been to a wedding where the food was tapas style?

  • i've experienced family style wedding food which is a similar idea, and really enjoyed it. my bridal shower had tapas in addition to paella (big pan family style) for the sit down portion and it worked great! just make sure the caterer will constantly be replacing the empty plates, because tapas is only a few bites, as you said, and will go quickly. pasta is definitely not a traditional tapas item, so i'm not sure how that would work. it's not the easiest thing to take a piece of, whereas sausage, shrimp, empanadas, etc. are easier. if you are going to go the tapas route, i would really embrace it and serve authentic spanish food. maybe even add some tasteful spanish flair to the decor. otherwise i think it could come off as just apps...
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    I haven't but i think as long as you have enough food it's a nice idea.  I love tapas becuase you get to try a variety of different foods.   And they are even better if you have some sangria to go along with them :)
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