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Bride allergic to service dog...HELP!!!


Re: Bride allergic to service dog...HELP!!!

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    we were told w/ the epi pen to always go to seek medical attention ASAP after.

    I did used to have problems w/ the rescue inhaler being 'to much' for me--as in, the meds made me crazy.  We found it impossible to do 'half a puff' well enough to be secure in doses, so the doc actually found a liquid form of the stimulant in the rescue inhaler, and I could take 1/2 a dose at a time--but it was only after a lot of warring w/ them that I got that.
  • TOTAL conjecture - but I do find it very hard to believe that she has a so-called life threatening allergy to dogs and does not have a way to deal with it.  It sounds to me like she does not have an Epi pen and does not take allergy medicine. So basically she's a ticking time bomb.  And if she's coming to a wedding website to get medical advice - then she's getting what she pays for.
  • AuntFlo said:
     And if she's coming to a wedding website to get medical advice - then she's getting what she pays for.
    ...But y'all do such a good job with all of my problems.  ;)
  • AuntFlo said:
     And if she's coming to a wedding website to get medical advice - then she's getting what she pays for.
    ...But y'all do such a good job with all of my problems.  ;)
    Do we?  Really?  Because you're a bit of a hot mess.
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    Epi-Pens are a dose of epinephrine used in an emergency situation to treat anaphylaxis reactions, usually related to severe allergies to insect bites/stings or foods like nuts and shellfish.  You use your Epi-Pen when you have been exposed to one of those things, then you get your ass to an ER STAT!  At least, that is my understanding of how they work.

    I have never heard of Epi-Pens being used to treat severe allergic reactions to animals, but perhaps they can be. . . dunno.

    OP should see an allergist immediately to figure out the best course of action for her to take now and on her wedding day. 

    And I would suggest gently talking to her father about bathing the dog on the day of the wedding to help reduce dander and loose hairs, which are the cause of pet related allergies as far as I know.  Her father should also wash his hands before touching the OP after handling his dog.

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  • Thanks everyone for the info on the EpiPens.  I'll consider this the "Thing I learned today".  :)

    Doesn't sound like that's a solution for the OP (or was even a possibility in the first place). 

    I certainly have zero useful ideas for this problem, so I'll go back to lurking the thread and the boards. 
  • I also wanted to point out that some people cannot take allergy medicine without feeling like a complete zombie or completely zonking out. I can't take benadryl, or any other OTC allergy medication (and I've tried almost all of them whenever the pollen gets bad) without feeling completely listless all day long. I would never want to take something like that on my wedding day, because chances are I'd be falling asleep in my dinner. I'm extremely sensitive to those medications. It unfortunately does sound like the bride and her father are at an impasse, which is a shame. I agree that the bride should see someone about her allergy if it's that severe. Could the dog/allergy impasse be a symptom of another, deeper issue with their relationship?
  • I was given epi pens for the first time last summer and told to always have them on me and to head to the ER immediately after using it.  I've never had to use one yet, but those are my instructions from the doctor.  They aren't a treatment so you can handle a situation better, they are an emergency med to buy you time to get to the ER.

    I had a really bad reaction last Summer and started to feel my tongue get bigger and my throat tighten.  It  had never happened before.  DH called the ER and told them we were on the way and they were ready for me.  Had an epi pen ever since.

    The kicker?  I grew up with dogs and had a dog as a young bride with my first husband.  He would make me sniffle if I touched him when he was wet, otherwise I was fine.  I also had really, really bad seasonal allergies in the Spring and late Summer/early Fall.  My allergies have done a 180 on me and now dogs can send me to the ER with a swollen tongue and tight throat and my seasonal allergies barely even need OTC drugs.
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    as a couple PP have mentioned, EPI pens are strictly an emergency measure, the epi only slows the reaction down, it doesn't stop it completely, and that's why you have to go to the ER-so that the allergic reaction can be stopped. OP, good luck. You may want to consider asking your doc for Ventolin and Atrovent, they are very useful in opening your lungs after the epi.

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