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OOT Welcome Bags

Hey all,

Have any of you done welcome bags for your OOT guests staying at a hotel? Did you put the guests names on the bags? My mother is freaking out about getting everyone's name to put on a bag and wants to put them in the guests rooms before they check in. First, she is only getting FI's family and none of our friends names (and to be honest, I don't even know which friends are staying at the hotel) and second, I don't see how she thinks we will have time to sneak into everyone's room between the hotel having the rooms ready and before people start showing up.

I say leave the bags blank with no names and let the hotel pass them out. I know this could mean that hotel forgets or they may charge a fee. Should I just ask people to spread the word to stop at my suite when they check in? I'll be out setting up the reception and then going back to the hotel to get ready for rehearsal, so I don't even know if I'll be available to pass them out if they stop at my room.

How did you ladies handle this?

Re: OOT Welcome Bags

  • We put names on ours. I don't think the hotel would give us access to the rooms even if we asked. They suggested that we drop the bags off so I think they are used to distributing them.

    I'm surprised you don't know who is staying. We got updated guest lists once a week. Didn't people have to mention the wedding to get the block rate? The hotel should be able to give you a list.
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  • We were told by each hotel to bring the bags on Thursday prior to check-in and they would distribute to those who booked their room within our block. We are not putting names on the bags.
  • Ah ok. Yeah, I could call and get the names of those who are staying with our block. We were only allowed 10 rooms Friday night and 20 rooms Saturday (night of wedding) and our block filled up before invitations even went out (FMIL told FI's fam beforehand). We found out it had filled up when his grandma called to book a room and was told no rooms were left with us.

    So.. there's really not a way to know who is staying unless I send a mass text to everyone. Honestly, any OOT wedding I've been to, there have just been bags that the front desk handed out as we checked in. My mom of course thinks we need to put everyones name on the bags.
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